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  • CWizzle CWizzle Nov 23, 2012 10:52 PM Flag

    Makes sense it is hard to trade in fantasy

    Even though I would agree that Lee is the better fantasy option, looking at it from a statistical standpoint (which is what fantasy is all about) I honestly don't see how you think Lee is SOOO much better that you could't even argue that it is close?
    Looking at this year's averages so far, here is how Lee's numbers look compared to Boozer:
    FG%: +2.4%
    FT%: +4.2%
    PTS: +2.7
    REBS: +2.3
    ASTS: +1.7
    STLS: +0.1
    BLKS: -0.1
    A/T: +0.302

    So even though Andrew Bogut is extremely injury prone, you still have to consider his return effecting Lee. I do not believe Lee has ever played side by side with a dominating big man in GS? You would think that Bogut's return would at the very least put a slight dip in Lee's scoring and rebounding numbers. So, in that case you would be saying that a couple percentage points in FG% and 4 % points in FT% are enough of a difference that there shouldn't even be a comparison?

    Like I said, I agree that Lee is the better fantasy player. But it's not like someone is comparing David Lee and Kevin Love. They are comparing two players who this year basically differ by 2% FG, 4%FT 3 pts and 2 rebs per game.

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    • Oh, and I just looked back at re-read your post. You are talking about people saying that they have "similar value" right? Well of course they do. Their stats like I said are very similar. And in case you were going to use Yahoo's Rankings to say that Boozer is ranked 121 and Lee 67, take a look at that list. They rank Rasheed Wallace and Hedo Turkoglu above Boozer! You can't really go by that.
      Can I ask why you value Lee so much more?


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