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  • CWizzle CWizzle Nov 23, 2012 4:50 PM Flag

    Griffin, Rondo, Conley, B Lopez trade

    12 team h-2-h 9 category keeper league:

    I already have Dwight Howard on my team (killing my FT%), and Rondo is my favorite player, so I'm wondering what people think about this trade, knowing that I am fine with punting FT%.

    I give:
    Mike Conley, Brook Lopez, Rodney Stuckey

    I get:
    Rajon Rondo, Blake Griffin

    Looks to me like my FG% and asts will go up. FT% and 3's down, everything else pretty close.
    Am I giving up too much? Not enough? Would you even consider accepting this if you had Rondo side?

    If you had the Rondo side, would you rather see Stuckey or Shved as the 3rd choice?

    Also, if this actually happened, I'd probably pick up Robin Lopez to make up for the blocks I'm losing, although with Howard, Cousins, Vucevic, Seraphin and Thad Young I might not need to. If not, I might pick up Nick Young to fill a void at SF on my squad.
    Any input is appreciated.

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    • pairing dwight with rondo and blake is definitely a good idea. i dont think he will go for it though, stuckey is not much of a third piece

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      • Okay thanks. I figured I'd give it a try. If you compare this season's stats, he actually wouldn't really be taking much of a loss in any category besides assists.
        He'd improve in FT% by a huge margin, 3's by 1.5, PTS by a margin of Stuckey lol, lose out on roughly 1.5 rebs, lose out on about 5 assists, improve by .5 stls, blocks by 2.1 and slight improvement in A/T.

        I know overall I'd win, but statistically I figured it looked good enough for him to consider.
        If he rejects it, maybe I'll try to replace Stuckey with someone else, but I feel like I'd be losing out if I give up anyone else. My other options would be Seraphin, Redick or Gee.
        Maybe it would be better to just target either just Rondo or just Griffin for now.

    • good trade for you but i don't know if the other person would do it


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