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  • Dillon Dillon Nov 20, 2012 6:41 PM Flag

    Eric Gordon for Evan Turner?

    This is a good question.

    I don't like anything that's going on around Eric Gordon right now. There's the obvious blown knee, but he seems like he wants out of N.O. and the Hornets seem like they're feeling pretty burned by that sentiment, and rightfully so. Gordon could be traded by January or February, and this is all my personal speculation, but I think the Hornets are trying to keep him off the court and in rehab as long as possible to get his knee into shape just long enough to get someone else to take over his contract. I wouldn't be surprised to see Gordon hit the floor for a month as a Hornet while they work the phone lines real hard trying to get him shipped off. That would give Gordon a great run in fantasy from mid January til the trade deadline. He's already expressed disappointment in not being signed by Phoenix, and I bet the Hornets feel the same way. It aint much, but there it is.

    Turner just disappoints me in general with his play, but I'd rather have a player I know is gonna step on the court and be inconsistent than a guy that can't get his head and body into the game at all.

    Stick with Turner

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    • On a side note, who would you say is better, Scola or Joe Johnson.

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      • I'd take Johnson right now. JJ's playing poorly, but is bound to start shooting better. This question depends a bit on what Gentry does with his lineup in Phoenix. He threatened to bench some un-named starters and Scola got benched their last game. Gentry makes a lot of bad coaching decisions and I think Scola has actually been playing really well this year. I like JJs assists and all around game, good glue guy on a team that is already set with PGs and bigs. Scola is a good backup PF, but I wouldn't be happy if he was my #1 option in the frontcourt.

    • fair enough, you brought up good points i will strongly consider. i also have to ask, i may be able to acquire jennings or conley an another league. which pg would you rather have?

    • I couldn't agree with you more. I think N.O is going to try to get as much as they can out of Gordon without risking him embarrassing himself or getting hurt again. So they'll march him out for a bit to get fair value for him once they can trade him.


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