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  • Animal Animal Nov 17, 2012 2:50 PM Flag

    Jonas Valandumpyoasss

    Bye Bye!, watched the game today..He is not NBA ready and the team looks like !@#$ as a whole..of course the Celtics are a good defensive team, but without Lowry's athleticism for a few weeks, it's all going to be Calderon passing to Bargnani. Who will be throwing up massive bricks for awile(what a hun) ...Unless the Raptors play Golden State or Sacramento for the rest of the year, he will get fouled out everytime and look lost doing so..maybe next year big fella..or as soon as Bargnani gets hurt(he will) so someone else can actually shoot the ball.

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    • I hope non of this came as a surprise to you. Everyone knew coming into the year that Jonas was a project. He wasn't NBA ready and it would take time, not a week, but real time to develop a consistent nba game. Just because he got off to a great start didn't change my mind about how he was going to play. And on the other side of this, just because he had a rough game today doesn't mean he'll have 0 fantasy value.
      I'm rooting for Valanciunas, but in standard 12 team leagues I think he is 1-2 seasons away from being fantasy relevant on a consistent basis.


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