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  • cWebb cWebb Nov 14, 2012 1:52 PM Flag

    Durant for Iggy, Varejao, Asik?

    In a 14-team, standard 9 cat, H2H league. It's also a keeper league, where you can keep top 5.

    I want to offer my: Iggy, Varejao, Asik

    For his: Durant, Splitter

    Do I need to offer more in order to pry Durant away? Or am I already offering a lot? His team is very weak in rebounds.

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    • I have too many keepers. My roster is:

      Kevin Love

      and a bunch of waiver wire pick ups (Aminu, Kawhi, Gee, D. Wright, J. Thompson)

      Should I offer only Iggy and Varejao?

    • Why give up so much for Durant. Varejao won't score as much as he did the other night, nightly, but he will get double doubles and so will Asik. Iggy will only get better and always puts up multi-category stats. I think with those 3 you will do better than having just Durant. With 14-teams, the FA list has to be slim, which is another reason not to do that. Splitter isn't there minutes wise and it will probably be that way all season for him.

      can you answer mine "millsap for big baby and turner"

    • if Im you, I keep the 3 players. Asik and Var are complete monsters on the boards and Iggy does just about the same as KD in every cat but less.


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