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  • michael d michael d Nov 12, 2012 9:59 PM Flag

    Is it too early to panic

    Idk how my team is losing. Any help on wat I should do

    My team
    Ray Allen
    Josh smith
    Larry sanders

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    • I would not panic at all. I actually like your team. Lillard, Lowry, Harden, Gay, Gortat, Z-Bo, and Varejao are fantastic players to have. I think you are losing because Josh Smith is giving you too much negativity in percentages and Peckovic is flat on rebounds and now injured.

      To turn your team around you would need more assists and steals. I'd trade Ray Allen and Z-Bo for a pg that assists and steals, and a bog man that blocks.

      You should also stay alert for any hot pickup from the FA pool, in particular any good 3-point specialist or rebounder, and be prepared to drop Session, Beal, and/or Larry for them.

      Then, you should be fine. I am serious, I like my chances to win the league if I have control with this roster.

    • You don't even say the type of league or how many teams, but unless this is a 14 team league or larger, your team is not even average.

    • Well, quite a few of those guys are underperforming, Session should never get to play, your number one pick (likely) Smith, is falling flat on his face, along with Peck.. Your bright spots have fallen a little the last few games (Lillard, Harden, Gortat).. Beal and Allen arent very good.. It seems like a mess, not sure what you can do.. Sell Sanders now before he falls off?

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      • I'd like to hear what you mean by, "Session should never get to play". What does that even mean? I know he hasn't contributed in 3's and stls like a lot of other pg/sg's, but in just 26 MPG he is averaging 15 pts, nearly 3 rebs and over 5 assists... He was likely chosen with the last pick in the draft, or grabbed from the FA. I don't know many other FA PG options that can give you pts and assists like that, and be reliable to keep it up all year.

        Anyways, this team isn't great but it's not awful either. Lowry missing time has really effected your squad since he is one of your studs. If he can get healthy, and Smith can turn things up a few nothes, as well as Pekovic starting to rebound like he was last year, I think you'll do alright.
        I would agree with the suggestions of trading Ray Allen and Sanders while he's hot. I really don't think he will be able to keep up this pace for much longer. If you package them together you could get a fairly decent player probably.
        I would tend to disagree about Zbo though. Although he doesn't block many shots, he is a very consistent source of pts and rebs, has decent %'s for a big man, and gets decent steals. I think you'll need his consistency as well as his rebounding. So I wouldn't trade him unless you can get someone that will also be consistent with reb's in return.

      • I know no one is playing like they should. Lowry is hurt too.

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