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  • M-v-P M-v-P Nov 12, 2012 12:41 PM Flag

    Time to Drop Isiah Thomas/ Vasquez?

    In an H2H league, should I drop Isiah Thomas or Vasquez for D-rose, AJ Price, Beal, or Nate Robinson?

    I just can't decide, I have a winning record so far.. don't know if it's too early to hold onto D-Rose, or if AJ Price or Beal can keep it up.

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    • Don't pick up Rose

      AJ Price has a shelf life and he expires the minute Wall returns to the court. He's also playing better than he shoudl. Total flavor of the month dude.

      Beal has promise, but he's starting to show some immaturity on the court. Something that I could see the Wizards organization frowning on (see Gilbert Arenas). His attitude could earn him some bench time.

      Nate Robinson. He's a defensive liability and will be in a timeshare with Hinrich all season. He'll be good while Kirk is out, but don't expect that to last all year.

      Isiah Thomas. Keith Smart runs one of the stupidest rotations in basketball right now. I wish I could say that will change, but I can't. I.T. should be handed the keys in Sacramento at some point, until then I could see getting frustrated and dropping him. Just don't be surprised if I.T. makes a solid return in the next couple weeks.

      Vazquez. I would take him over all the players on this list. His FG% has been horrible to start the year, so that has nowhere to go but up from here on out. He is the main man at the PG spot in New Orleans, I don't see that changing much.

    • Yea those are the best available, no Landry or Sanders, it's a 12 teamer.. Anyone else think I should drop Isiah or is it too soon?

      My team is:
      PG Teague
      SG Mo Williams (INJ)
      G Dion Waiters
      SF K Durant
      PF Milsap
      F Anthony Davis
      C Al Horford
      C Greg Monroe
      UTIL Deng
      UTIL Kaman
      Greivis Vasquez
      B Mullens
      Ilyasova (picked him up.. will give him a week or two to see how many minutes he keeps getting)
      Isiah Thomas (I want assits, he doesn't give me many on the trash Kings)

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      • "Isiah Thomas (I want assits, he doesn't give me many on the trash Kings)"

        No. Isaiah Thomas isn't playing like the PG he was last season. It's not the Kings fault he has 2.3 TOs a game. He's been playing pretty bad since preseason. Steve Nash was giving him trouble.. I'm sure most opponents have already studied his signature hesitation move. I would drop him for Beal or AJ.

        Do not pick up Derrick Rose.

    • keep those guys if that is all the free agents there are


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