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  • tedesco tedesco Nov 9, 2012 4:59 AM Flag

    I. Thomas and Hickson, or I don't like these timeshares :)

    Of course because I drafted Hickson in both of my leagues (12 and 16 teams H2H) and Thomas in the second one.
    But I just don't get why do these coaches give all those minutes to Brooks and Leonard.
    - the Kings won't have a normal PG all year if they go on like this, so they will lose 90% of their matches
    - Hickson was on the bench in the 3rd quarter while they were about 10 points down. I simply cannot understand why Leonard stayed on the court for the rest of the match. What did he bring into the game, a loss? I mean you try to come back and win with your rookie when you have a more experienced starter?

    It looks like I will have to drop both Thomas and Hickson (with the Kings I'm pretty sure we have a dull coach, congrats to him) but in a 16 team league with active and well informed managers you won't really get better people to add.

    That's all I wanted to complain about :D

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