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    Answering Questions

    I'm not an expert...but I have done fairly well in Fantasy Basketball. I'll answer questions until 5:30 when PTI comes on.

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    • i have 3 stud pgs in my keeper league. dragic wall and lowry. which should i trade and what big should i target? its a roto league. 12 teams. i need blks and orebs

    • Nash/Durant for CP3/JoshSmith. Who wins? This a is a cap league. We sign players to contracts and bid on them after they expire, etc. Pretty much a keeper league.

    • Hey im in a 12 team h2h points based league. Any comments/suggestions on what I need to work on? I am attempting to trade Blake Griffin and Luol Deng for Carmello and Anderson Varejao. Is that a good trade?

      Dwyane Wade
      Arron Afflalo
      Jrue Holiday
      Luol Deng
      Al Jefferson
      Blake Griffin
      Nikola Pekovic
      Greg Monroe
      Marcin Gortat
      Jarrett Jack
      George Hill
      Tony Allen
      Kevin Seraphin

    • H2H,12 teams,stand.cats

      Deron Will,Lowry,Kidd,Barea
      Gee,Dany Green
      Josh Smith,Scola,Amar'e St

      I'm trying to trade away Amar'e...what can I get for him right now??

    • dropped bogut n deandre
      for kirilenko jrsmith n vasquez (moved player to ir)

      i figure i might be able to pick them up later.
      deandre is not progressing little minutes
      bogut hurt
      both just under double double with couple blocks
      could get asik later if i want already have anthonydavis for blocks n others
      vasquez assists lil all around
      jr smith career year and minutes
      kirilenko had 3 blocks a couple years on a non jazz team

      but smith vasquez and kirilenko all have star players out so maybe regress?

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      • Vasquez is a stud....what you're getting out of him now is what you should expect for the rest of the season. Even if/when Eric Gordon comes back, he will still get you tons of assists. As for a AK...his rebounds will go down. But aside from that, we all know he fills the stat sheet. Hopefully he stays healthy. I doubt DeAndre or Bogut will be around....you should have tried to at least trade them lol JR Smith will get you the pts and 3s you need, I doubt he will get rebs and asts.

    • This concerns a private league using the Yahoo default settings. My team consists of the following: James Harden, Dwayne Wade, Wesley Matthews, Ersan Ilyasova, Paul George, Kenneth Faried, Nene Hilario, David West, Dorell Wright, Lou Williams, Courtney Lee, Ekpe Udoh and Boris Diaw.

      I have been offered the following:

      He wants: Ilyasova.

      He offers: Kawlhi Leonard

      I might lose a little bit on the surface, but it seems like an even trade. However, my paranoid mind is a bit suspicious of this. It seems that, with the exception of FG% and TOs, everything bad gets worse and good gets better, which gives me pause.

      So, the question is: Do I take this trade, counter the offer or reject it outright?

    • in a 12 team H2h, any advice? trades i should pursue, ill answer back

      Stephen Curry
      Arron Affalo
      JJ Redick
      Luol Deng
      Michael Beasley
      Jared Dudley
      Nikola Vucevic
      Robin Lopez
      Andrew Bynum
      Kyrie Irving
      Brandon Jennings
      Andrea Bargnani
      Robin Lopez

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      • There are many issues with your team. First off, you drafted wings from the same team...Afflalo/Redick...Beasley/Dudley. Doing this only hurts you because these guys will all eat into each others stats. Your bigs are kinda weak in the rebounds/blocks categories, the only one that can do either of those is Andrew Bynum. Robin Lopez is going to see less playing time once Anthony Davis comes back, but he is nice for now. You're good at point guard just as long as Stephen Curry can stay healthy. If I were you, I'd try to upgrade at PF/C by trading away a couple wings. Like I said, you should break up the Afflalo/Redick and Beasley/Dudley combos you got going on.

    • Should I drop Patrick Patterson for Jason Thompson( on waier) or Dalembert? Should I stash Amare? Someone dropped him last week. My other bigs: Hibbert, Gortat, Pekovic, Kaman and Mullens. (also have Lebron for Rebs) Should I drop Hinrich for Chalmers?

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      • I wouldn't even drop Patterson. Frankly, I wouldn't touch any guys on the Kings unless it's Cousins. Dalembert isn't even getting the minutes that a starter should, so I think Patterson is worth holding on to. I see no harm in you dropping Mullens to grab Amare. No, if you have Lebron there is no point in grabbing Chalmers since he will potentially eat any assists that Mario will get. Plus, with Rose out for at least another 4 months, Hinrich is a guy you keep in your line up.