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  • PeteS PeteS Nov 5, 2012 8:48 AM Flag

    Just drafted, what do you think?

    I just drafted a roto team in a 12 team standard yahoo league what do I need to work on? How'd I do?

    PG- Deron Williams
    SG- Paul George
    G- Jeff Teague
    SF- Luol Deng
    PF- Ersan Ilyasova
    F- Kenneth Faried
    C- Marc Gasol
    C- Greg Monroe
    Util- Chandler Parsons
    Util- Kawhi Leonard
    B- Dion Waiters
    B- Randy Foye
    B- Sam Dalenbert

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    • Dalembert and Foye can go. I'd look for another PG. Blocks are real iffy too. I'd look for another big. I'd see about selling Waiters after his big game. I doubt he will continue to shoot this well. Other than that It's a nice team. I really like Parsons/Leonard. Can you help me with my post?

    • u need replacement for dion, sammy. any good FA? check out my post "jrich dropable?". thanks

    • ur gonna get murdered on asts, 3's, rebs. blks...dalembert is getting 10 mins a game waste of a draft pick, Parsons underacheiving, Faried getting backup minutes,..ur team is a mess dude, get fixin it.

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      • I see what you are saying with 3s and maybe blocks but with assists both Gasol and Monroe are known for their passing especially Gasol I mean tonight he has 8 assists, plus DWill with all the weapons around him will have probably some of the highest assist totals in the league. Add in Teague and other playmakers on my team, I disagree.

        With rebounds you got Ilyasova, Faried who are both known as premier rebounders I dont really think that'll be an issue, at worst I'll be middle of the pack.

        Parsons, Faried and Leonard are all high risk high reward dudes I think they'll be inconsistant but basically put up solid totals which is good in a roto league.

        Dalembert was kind of a panic pick 2nd to last round, i'm not too worried about that, just gonna drop him for a waiver wire pickup.

        Anyone else with some critiques? Am I wrong^, anything else to work on? I'll rate your team if you do mine.


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