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  • CWizzle CWizzle Oct 30, 2012 5:03 PM Flag

    Rookie Of The Year Predictions

    Before a single game is even played this season, just for the hell of it, I'd like to hear people's predictions for R.O.Y.
    Then, maybe towards the end of the season I can find this thread again and look back at which players lived up to the hype, and which didn't...

    My choice as of right now would have to be Anthony Davis.
    But, Damian Lillard is a very, very close 2nd. The only reason I give the nod to Davis is he is more of a star on his team, Lillard could be outshadowed by Aldridge and Batum, as far as reckognition of how good he really is goes.

    Here is a list of other rookies that I think will either have a shot, or at least be mentioned in the talks:
    1) Anthony Davis
    2) Damian Lillard
    3)Jonas Valunciunas
    4)Harrison Barnes
    5) Bradley Beal

    There are some honorable mentions like Waiters, MKG, Drummond, Robinson, and Ross, but I really think it will come down to Davis or Lillard, unless 1 of my other top 5's has a surprisingly outstanding season.

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    • 1 Davis
      2 Lillard
      3 Beal
      4 Thomas
      5 Valunciunas
      6 MGK
      7 Barnes
      8 AR

    • Agree Davis with Lillard a close 2nd.
      Just Davis's defensive numbers alone he suppose to put up should get him the award and maybe even get him some Def POY votes. Plus I think he'll average more Pts than people think being that NOR only has Gordon and Anderson as their scorers.
      But Lillard is in a good spot up in Portland. Having Aldridge and Batum will help him as they will draw the attention and free up Lillard to get his Pts and dish out Ast. As mentioned before rookie G's tend to pick up the game quicker but they also tend to fade and get tired(hit that wall) after the All-Star break.
      But I'm hoping Lillard gets it..

    • I like davis & lillard, too. unless something crazy happens i don't think anybody else is gonna come close to those guys. i'm pretty much with you for the rest barnes, beal & ross could all have good seasons too

    • yeah the favorite has to be davis but lillard is in a good position as well. valanciunas could surprise people. he had good %s in euro. barnes has too many wingmen to compete for playing time with. beal plays on a bad team but might lead the team in scoring. so hes a good choice as well. yeah your top 5 are in right order but id put beal before barnes. can you look at my post

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      • I agree with everything you said, except you might want to consider that Barnes was just named the starting SF for the Warriors. I had the same concerns about him getting minutes, but if he retains the starting job, he should get at least 28MPG. I'm not saying he definitely WILL keep the starting job, just that he has it for now, and that is a big step forward for him.

    • I like Lillard for ROY this year, guards tend to pick up the NBA game quicker than bigs and he's got better team mates to help him improve and look better this year than Davis. I also like to root for the underdog.

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      • I agree. I just think that ROY, doesn't always neccessarily go to the most talented player. Lillard could very well outplay Davis, but like I said, with emerging stars like Aldridge and Batum on the Blazers, he could be overshadowed. While Anthony Davis is going to be THE man in N.O. He will be more talked about, more highlights on ESPN, etc etc. That could be enough of an edge for him to win. whether that is justified or not.


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