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  • M-v-P M-v-P Oct 30, 2012 7:12 PM Flag

    I am here to give advice to people. Post your question and I will give you my advice

    Alright here's my team in a 12 team, 13 cat H2H league (Added categories are O rebs, A/T ratio, Personal fouls, and Technicals ( I think it'll be fun/ funny ! )

    PG Jeff Teague
    SG Mo Williams
    G Isaiah Thomas
    SF Kevin Durant
    PF Milsap
    F Anthony Davis
    C Al Horford
    C Greg Monroe
    Util Deng
    Util Dion Waiters
    Emeka Okafor

    How's it look? My strength is in my forwards...and I wasn't able to get an elite PG or SG. I feel like my weaknesses are 3 Pt made, assists, and TO's ... my FGM, FG %, FTM, FT %, PTS, Reb's, Stl's, and Blocks should be decent.

    I tried to get Lillard and Harden but was just late, I also wanted to take Pau over Milsap but my internet lagged at the worst time -.- .

    What's your outlook on Waiters and Mo williams? They both sort of scare me in an all risk - little reward way, I can see Hinrich being valuable soon. Should I try to trade Milsap for Pau straight up even with all these categories?

    Lastly, there's this guy in my league who said he couldnt get wifi working and wants to trade a guard or two. He has Lawson (I dont like him much) , Lin (uh oh.. scary TO's and preseason) , along with Afflalo, Curry, Dragic, JR Smith, Billups and Vasquez. Make any trades for Dragic? I really want him, what should I offer.
    Hit me up man thanks!

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    • To: M-V-P
      Alright so lets start with your team, I like you team and honestly dont think you have a weakness in AST as all of your pg's will get decent AST numbers and durant and horford will help too. I think you need a another solid 3pt shooter to make this team even better. Im not sure how I feel on waiters yet but he did look good last night ( but it was against a bad defensive team in the wizards). With Mo Williams he is on my sleeper list. He will hurt you in FG% but I believe he will get quite a few of AST has he has a TON of big men to pass too. Also he can hit the three as well. As for the Millsap-Pau trade thats really up to you. I wouldnt because the only thing pau will help you in that millsap wont is AST and i believe you are ok in that department. And I think you could use Millsap stl's more than gasol's AST but thats just me. As for a guard I would wait a week or so till we see everyone play. Keep an eye on Afflalo as he is supposed to be the go to man in orlando this year.


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