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  • LOFFE LOFFE Oct 25, 2012 8:18 AM Flag

    What is my "suprisingly good team" lack?, need more blocks to win right?

    I´m in a 9-team,9-cat ROTO league and I drafted at no.6 in our live draft.


    My team:

    PG: S.Nash
    SG: Joe Johnson
    G: R.Westbrook
    SF: D.Gallinari
    PF: Gerald Wallace
    F: Z.Randolph
    C: P.Gasol
    C: Al Horford
    Util: M.Ellis
    Util: Ersan Ilyasova
    Bench: D.Lillard
    Bench: K.Faried
    Bench: Mo Williams

    I think I need a decent center that will contribute rebounds & blocks AND GOOD FG+FT %´s.
    If so, who should I trade and who should I target?

    Looking forward to your answers!

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    • More opinions?!

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      • IMO I would deal Nash , He does one thing and one thing only ASTS , IMO I would try and deal Nash for a decent C/PG combo or throw in Z-BO Horford, Faried , Ilyasova all do the same thing so no need for all those guys

        if i were to deal Nash I would try something like Nash for Omer Asik & Jef Teague or something like that
        if I deal Nash & Z-Bo
        i would do something like Nash & Z-Bo for B. Lopez ( get him on the cheap after being hurat all last yr ) and J. Teague

        Nash will put up huge ASTS numbers but you have decent ASTS guys w/ out him he does nothing else my advice get a PG who contributes in a few cats , doesnt really make a diff if your in first place in the AST cat by 100 ASTS or 10 does it

    • Shooting for the moon jefferson, on the cheap dalembert, but I might try to swing a deal for davis.


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