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  • CWizzle CWizzle Oct 24, 2012 9:34 PM Flag

    Keep my guys, or trade for Cousins?

    Keeper league where we keep 4 players.
    Right now my keepers are:
    Deron Williams
    Josh Smith
    Pau Gasol
    Mike Conley (OR) Goran Dragic

    I'd like to replace Gasol with a younger PF/C, someone like Cousins or Aldridge for example.
    Not really sure how much is enough to get one of them, or how much is too much to offer?
    So basically, who out of the following list should I pair with Gasol to get someone like Cousins, Aldridge or Love without over paying?
    Gasol +


    Also, if I can't pull off any trades before my draft tomorrow, who would you chose between Dragic and Conley? I need to keep Gasol over 1 of them, because even though Gasol is getting older and Howard is in L.A., he is still better than any other PF,C that will be in the re-draft.

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    • Id say Conley over Draic. Try to trade Gasol and Conley for Cousins and an upgrade over Conley.. Looking at the projections for this year it has Gasol ranked higher.

    • Dragic & Gasol for any young stud PF..

      You need to make an offer to every opponent that has a young stud PF in hopes they'll even see the offer before your draft.

      (Dragic is more of a question mark than Conley.)

    • Swapping Pau for Cousins you should keep in mind the cats you will be taking a hit in, both percentages (FG and FT) and turnovers. You will, however, get a boost in steals.
      I like that Conley dominates the steals cat and would pretty much win that cat for you every week combined with Cousins.
      Dragic in there instead of Conley really boosts your dimes and threes more. He'll still get real good steal numbers too. He will be turning it over a lot this year though, so keep that in mind.
      Not sure why a straight up Pau for Cousins deal shouldn't be accepeted, so I would imagine you wouldn't have to really sweeten the pot much. Gasol plus anyone of those other players you have seems like a real good deal for the other team,
      I would push the fact that Pau is gonna be playing a Princeton style offense this year. He's absolutely a perfect player for that system and his assist numbers should be higher this year than last year and he should maintain the same numbers elsewhere.

      Why not pack up Conley and Dragic for Cousins? PG depth is deep this year and it might be easier to fill PG cats later in the draft than elite big man stats.

    • Seems simple you offer dragic/conley and gasol for cousins/aldridge. Not sure what exactly is hard about it...

    • Try Gasol/Thompson 4 Cousins or Aldridge. Most likely trade will be declined but doesn't hurt to try.. check out my post, pick 1, thx.


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