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  • Dillon Dillon Oct 25, 2012 2:37 AM Flag

    championship team?

    You're not in a real deep league Andy, so you're gonna have to be better than OK in a stat before I would say you're good to go there, so if you think you're the only team that has shot blockers and guys that get steals, well you're mistaken. I actually ran the numbers on your team here and looked at it objectively.
    Yes you have players that are good at certain things, but I looked at your team as a whole in the context of a shallow league. It does not scream "hand me the trophy now". I'll stand by my earlier advice, but I'll be happy if you're squad proves me wrong.
    Thanks for the solid advice on doing my research, I'll start by checking how awesome Evan Turner looks in a 10 team league. Or maybe examining Curry's ankles, or Kemba Walkers amazing FG%, or Mayos, or Rondos. Perhaps I'll start with Kevin Martin's gradual decline and lack of confidence from his coach. Maybe I should look into Brooke Lopez's feet and his inability to get boards, and the fact that he is playing for the first time when he is not the first option, but the 3rd or 4th.
    Good luck to you and your dream team.

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    • you lost your attempt at being objective when you called said i was bad in the steals department, i have three of the top 10 thieves in my team...yeah, kind of lost all your credence with that statement. sure, i took gambles on stephen curry and maybe even brook lopez's inability to rebound but imo the rewards/upside far outweigh the risks and fantasy proves to be more fun when you take those risks. For the record, a 10 team league is not considered "shallow" its considered pretty average....is this your first time playing fantasy?

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      • Look, sorry I'm not saying you're team is the best like you want me to. Good luck to you, for reals. Your team is good, but could still use some work in my opinion (you are asking for honest opinions here right?). Go run your teams numbers yourself and look at em, don't listen to me. Anyways, a ten team league is certainly not a deep league. Call it average if it makes you feel better. I've won my deep H2H league several times in the past and I have never won by thinking that my team doesn't need improvement at the end of draft day. Sounds like you just want props here, sorry I'm not just handing em out to you.


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