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  • Dillon Dillon Oct 24, 2012 10:40 PM Flag

    championship team?

    This team is really really really bad in threes, TO, and FT%
    You're just kind of bad in steals.
    Boards and dimes are good
    FG% and points are decent
    Blocks are just barely getting by.
    So since you're only good in 2 cats, I'd say you are not gonna take it all the way with that squad.
    Evan Turner, Walker, Martin and probably Mayo are the guys you are going to want to consider shipping out if you want to get that team into shape.
    I'd look at getting rid of Curry after his first good week as well, sell him at his peak and don't look back.

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    • kinda bad in steals? rondo gets 2 a game paul george gets 1.6, stephen curry 1.5, lebron 2, demarcus cousins 1.5, oj mayo 1. i think im pretty set there
      all my centers block excluding pekovic and lebron blocks pretty well for a small forward.
      so i guess that makes it 4 cats including those blocks and steals that you overlooked right?
      also, all of my centers ft% is 70 percent and over, and rondo? he's been making all of his free throws in the preseason, 78% to be exact and kevin martin and steph curry? they avg 88% on their freethrows. thanks for giving me a long response i appreciate that but i think you might need to do research before drafting your team this year, kudos!

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      • You're not in a real deep league Andy, so you're gonna have to be better than OK in a stat before I would say you're good to go there, so if you think you're the only team that has shot blockers and guys that get steals, well you're mistaken. I actually ran the numbers on your team here and looked at it objectively.
        Yes you have players that are good at certain things, but I looked at your team as a whole in the context of a shallow league. It does not scream "hand me the trophy now". I'll stand by my earlier advice, but I'll be happy if you're squad proves me wrong.
        Thanks for the solid advice on doing my research, I'll start by checking how awesome Evan Turner looks in a 10 team league. Or maybe examining Curry's ankles, or Kemba Walkers amazing FG%, or Mayos, or Rondos. Perhaps I'll start with Kevin Martin's gradual decline and lack of confidence from his coach. Maybe I should look into Brooke Lopez's feet and his inability to get boards, and the fact that he is playing for the first time when he is not the first option, but the 3rd or 4th.
        Good luck to you and your dream team.


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