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  • CWizzle CWizzle Oct 23, 2012 5:46 PM Flag

    1st year keeper 12 teams. Where would you draft these guys?

    I think if Rose is still available in the 5th round of a 12 team keeper league draft, you gotta take him.
    I also think Davis will go sooner than 4th round. I peg him at mid 3rd round in a keeper league from what I've seen so far this year in drafts. I'm not sure I would reach any higher to take him, but wouldn't be surprised if someone else did.
    Rubio is another story. I'm not sure where he ranks, but I personally don't see him as a top 40 player when healthy, especially with so many decent PG's these days. He is a blast to watch, has some incredible flashy plays, and can really help in assists and steals, but his FG% and TO's were way below average. And although he can hit the 3, so far it hasn't been consistent and overall he doesn't score a whole lot. Adding another play maker in Brandon Roy, and another all around player in Kerilenko, along with nice PG's in Ridnour and Barrea doesn't bode well for him overall either.
    Not to mention his injury was a very serious one, and nobody really knows if he'll be able to bounce right back to the level he was at pre-injury.
    All of that combined is enough for me to just pass on him and try to go after someone else with less baggage.

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    • Well Rubio and Rose both tore their ACL. That wouldn't be the same thing as Rubio in terms of "going after someone else with less baggage"? I know Rose's talents are far superior to Rubio's, so maybe that's why he gets the bigger nod.

      Good to know on Davis. I think he's going to be a stud. Top 10 every year fantasy talent soon. Just don't want to wait too long on him if I get the shot at him in the 3rd rd. Idk if there are more then a few guys outside the top 20 with the upside he has to be a future 1st rd talent.


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