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  • joseph joseph Oct 23, 2012 9:13 PM Flag

    Who WON this trade?

    Bro i didnt wann go down this road but guess I have to
    Glen Davis numbers on an AVG last yr ( this is playing an avg of 23.5 mins per game )
    PTS- 9.3 REB - 5.4 AST -.9 3PM .3 STL .79 BLK .34 T.o - 1.16 FG%- 421 FT% 683
    Bro if Glen Davis plays 35 mins a game the choice of who to pick up will be easy cuz Davis will fall over and die , dude Ty lawson plays 35 mins a game pretty sure he is in better Shape than Davis
    lets say davis somehow plays 35 mins a game ( bro hope you are there with the opxygen tanks ) and somehow avgs these insane numbers you got here

    Taj Gibson ( playing 20 mins a game ) gets you 5 less pts , 4 less rebs , .5 stl less , about 3 more BLKS a game , FG % is 495 ( huge DIFF ) FT% 622%

    now this is based on your insane assumption Davis plays 35 mins a game ( same as ty lawson ) your really going to give up 3 BLKS a game , .74 Diff in FG % to get 5 more pts and 4 more REBS ?? really
    Check the stats bro ( and Gibsons numbers i put in were his 11-12 stats he is projected to play 5 more mins than he did last yr but I gave you the benefit of the doubt on this one
    so you go ahead and take your 5 pts and 4 rebs ( which a PG can get 4 Rebs a game ) Ill take my blocks and FG %


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