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  • joseph joseph Oct 23, 2012 6:59 PM Flag

    Who WON this trade?

    w/ out Howard in the lineup DAVIS AVG 15.5 pts a game , Mayo ( as a reserve ) avg 12.9 pts a game ( w/ out DIRK ) Dallas has no other scorer maybe Marion & Brand but they both chip in maybe 10 pts a game .. DAVIS avg 8.9 REBS a game w/out Howard , Faried avg 7.7 Rebs a game . Davis avg less than 1 STL a game so not sure were he chips in in STL ?
    Davis FT% last yr ( as a RES ) 683
    basically you trade to upgrade 3 pts a game and 1 reb ( which REBS and PTS ) are 2 of the easiest stats to get even Darren Collison ( PG ) avg 3.1 Rebs couple that w/ Davis HORRIBLE FT% and he is not worth a spot on any roster if you ask me you can get 15 pts and 8.9 Rebs from a guy like Taj gibson ( check the stats ) it maybe 5 less pts and 1 less Reb but he will block way more shots

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    • Bro i didnt wann go down this road but guess I have to
      Glen Davis numbers on an AVG last yr ( this is playing an avg of 23.5 mins per game )
      PTS- 9.3 REB - 5.4 AST -.9 3PM .3 STL .79 BLK .34 T.o - 1.16 FG%- 421 FT% 683
      Bro if Glen Davis plays 35 mins a game the choice of who to pick up will be easy cuz Davis will fall over and die , dude Ty lawson plays 35 mins a game pretty sure he is in better Shape than Davis
      lets say davis somehow plays 35 mins a game ( bro hope you are there with the opxygen tanks ) and somehow avgs these insane numbers you got here

      Taj Gibson ( playing 20 mins a game ) gets you 5 less pts , 4 less rebs , .5 stl less , about 3 more BLKS a game , FG % is 495 ( huge DIFF ) FT% 622%

      now this is based on your insane assumption Davis plays 35 mins a game ( same as ty lawson ) your really going to give up 3 BLKS a game , .74 Diff in FG % to get 5 more pts and 4 more REBS ?? really
      Check the stats bro ( and Gibsons numbers i put in were his 11-12 stats he is projected to play 5 more mins than he did last yr but I gave you the benefit of the doubt on this one
      so you go ahead and take your 5 pts and 4 rebs ( which a PG can get 4 Rebs a game ) Ill take my blocks and FG %

    • plus Davis being C elig actually hurts cuz then he will have to compete for this dudes team in Blocks , Rebs , FG% , PTS against the other centers in the league

      if you have a team w/ Davis playing Center and teams w/ M. gasol , Bynum Horford etc pretty sure Davis will get out produced by any starting Fantasy bball C , if you are gonna pick up davis you have to play him as a F and hope for the best

    • Okay my bad. I didn't realize that you played in leagues where there are free agents available that average 15pts 9 rebs and nearly 1 steal per game. And your averages for Davis include a few games where he played nearly 8 minutes. IF you go by a per 35 min. average, his numbers would be closer to 18 pts and 11 rebs, 1.7 stls .7 blks with better than 68% FT%. But yeah, if your free agent pool is swarming with players capable of putting up 20 and 10 and projected to get starter's minutes, then by all means take them over Davis.
      You also were quick to point out Davis's "HORRIBLE FT%" but if you "check the stats" you will realize your example of Taj Gibson gets ever WORSE lol. And also happens to only be PF eligible, while Davis is PF,C eligible.