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  • joseph joseph Oct 24, 2012 9:39 AM Flag

    t.chandler for millsap?

    Personally I like the 3 for 3 trade were you get Stuckey , Stuckey and Terry are basically he same play only DIFF is Terry gets waay more 3's and stuckey gets waaay more ASTS , and w/ K. Thompson on your team no need for 2 long range BOMBERS plus your kind of in need of some ASTS , Hayard is a nice player and contributes across the board pretty evenly but wont contribute in any Cat heavily ( stuckey will )

    Your good on blocks I think w/ Gasol , Lopez & Biyombo , just be aware of Biyombos FT% it could hurt BAD
    my personal suggestion would be DROP Biyombo for a guy like S.HAWES or K.SERAPHIN or J. ANTHONY , slighty less BLKS & REBS ( but w/ Gasol & Lopez , and possibly Milsap ) no need for Biyombos big REBS & BLKS , plus Seraphin , Hawes , & Anthony provide waaaay better FG% AND FT %

    hope that helps


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