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  • Mitchell Mitchell Oct 22, 2012 6:27 PM Flag

    Can This Team Win?

    Please rate this team. It is a 20 team H2H keeper league with standard 9 cats.

    Jameer Nelson
    (Orl - PG)
    Jason Terry
    (Bos - PG,SG)
    Danny Granger
    (Ind - SF,PF)
    Rudy Gay
    (Mem - SF,PF)
    Blake Griffin
    (LAC - PF,C)
    Michael Beasley
    (Pho - SF,PF)
    Andre Miller
    (Den - PG,SG)
    Tiago Splitter
    (SA - C)
    David Lee
    (GS - PF,C)
    Anthony Morrow
    (Atl - SG,SF)
    Marco Belinelli
    (Chi - SG)
    Andray Blatche
    (Bkn - PF,C)

    Trades I made were that I traded Eric Gordon or David Lee and second trade was I traded Wade, David West, and Bismack Biyombo for Rudy Gay, Jason Terry, and Blake Griffin.

    What do I need to improve?

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    • in H2 H league under no circumstance do you trade GRIFFIN NO WAY , Griffin is a double double machine and even gets steals , but his FT% is awful so you punt that , my advice would be to trade either Granger or Gay ( preferably Granger ) and I would get a solid second tier PG someone like Lin or Dragic but if some sucker wants to go Granger for Rondo take that all day !

    • Where are your skill players? I don't like Granger this year with his knee issue, and after him it looks like your main talent you're relying on is Griffin, Lee, and Gay. Pretty meh to me. Certainly not a Top 4-6 team imo.

    • I like the trade getting rid of Gordon and getting Lee. Gordon would be a top 15 player IMO if he was healthy all the time, but he has not proven he can stay healthy. And right now people are very hesitant to trade for him, so getting David Lee is not a bad concellation. But I am not sure I like the other trade. Sure Wade is injury prone and could be given nights off to rest by his coach, but the combo of Wade and West with a prospect in Biyombo I think you could have gotten more.
      Not sure I like this team. You seem to be really lacking in the PG postion and blocks.Your best PG, in my opinion is Jason Terry who will be playing backup PG and SG in Boston, and while he will run the offense with the 2nd unit, at least to start the year, he probably won't be racking up the assists. Nelson has talent, but he has never seemed to get to that next level. But who knows, maybe he will with Howard gone.
      If it were my squad, I would try packaging Blake Griffin (horrible FT%, not enough blocks) along with Danny Granger (injury prone, Paul George could be taking over as unofficial leader of the team) for a PG and PF/C combo. Either an elite high assist PG and a decent bigman that gets blocks... Or an elite PF/C that can score/reb AND blk, along with a decent PG that will at least get you assists.

      What does the FA list look like for PG's or C's? If there is anyone decent I would consider dropping Belinelli or Morrow. And also keep an eye on Blatche. He has potential to be great, but is also a fantasy bust potential.

    • Anyone?


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