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  • Alejandro Alejandro Oct 15, 2012 2:37 PM Flag

    Bye bye k.love! Have I made a big mistake?

    I might consider trading Love if Lebron or Kevin Durant were involved in the return. Otherwise, no way. Not ever.

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    • Love is good. equating him with james or durant is ridiculous however.

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      • Ridiculous you say? Not so ridiculous when you look at the numbers. Love's average is only 1.1 points per game behind Lebron, and 2.0 behind Durant. He makes more 3ptm per game than Lebron by alot, and is dead even with Durant. You lose some FG% with Love, but Love is a better FT% shooter than Lebron and only marginally behind Durant. They are both better assist guys than Love. However, the rebounding numbers- Love is far and away better than either of them. In fact he averages more rebounds per game than the two of them combined. I have seen some mock drafts where Love goes second ahead of one of those two guys. I am not sure that I'd do that necessarilly, but I'd think long and hard about it. Because the little bit you'd be giving up on some of those other categories can be made up. But you will never find anyone, not even Lebron or Durant, who will average 13 rebounds per game and still give you insanely high numbers in all the shooting categories.


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