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    Punting Points

    In an 18 team 9 Cat (%s and TOs) league. Have an auction draft coming up, and my plan is to punt points this year. I know it's gonna be difficult to pull off, so that's why I'm asking for a little advice. Btw, positions: PG,SG,SF,PF,C,UT,UT, 4BN

    Mostly want some help on who I should be targeting. Obviously I know I won't be able to afford all the top guys. But, here are some options I'm considering right now.

    PGs: Rondo, Conley, Dragic, Nash
    SGs: Iggy, Wesley Matthews, Ray Allen, KMart, Klay (last 2 are more scorers, but I think i can get them at a good price)
    SFs: Josh Smith, Gerald Wallace, Gallinari, Ariza (are these the types I should target?)
    PF/C: Ibaka, Ilysova, Noah, Varejao, Garnett, Duncan (last 2 are nearing retirement, do you think they'll be a cheap steal or too much name-value?)

    My plan makes Ibaka almost a must-draft, but I'm worried I'll over pay... Am I on the right track with my suggestions? Do you know any steals that fit with my point-punting strategy?

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    • I can't really agree that punting Points is a good draft strategy, but I do have a little advice on some of your choices.
      Allen, Martin and Klay I would stay away from. They don't have enough peripheral stats to be valueable to you, at least at the price you'd have to pay to get them.
      I like a lot of your other choices, although I think you'd have to overpay for Josh Smith. He is a beast and scores a lot, so others will be very intersted in him.
      I really like Rondo or Conley as your PG though. Both of their biggest downfalls is overall scoring IMO.
      I might add Raymond Felton to your list. He might get slightly overlooked this year since he had a poor season last year, and he contributes in many categories. Maybe grab him to compliment your other PG, since I think you'll only be able to land 1 of the PG's you listed.
      I'd also target Anthony Davis.
      Here are a few others I would consider for various reasons, some aren't all-star players but ones you shuold be able to get at a good value, but some you'd have to also punt FT%:
      Kenneth Faried
      Samuel Dalembert
      Deandre Jordan
      Andre Drummond
      Avery Bradley
      Darren Collison
      Jose Calderon
      Anderi Kirilenko
      Jason Kidd
      Spencer Hawes
      Tony Allen
      Brandon Bass

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      • Thanks for all the responses and help guys.
        Yea, I have been thinking a lot about Josh Smith and also think I'd end up overpaying. Basically, I'll try and get him, but if he goes over the max I'm willing to pay, I won't sweat it.
        Felton sounds like a good pick, however I don't think I'd want Kidd as well. Most of the other guys are on the list I didn't include, so that's a relief.

        I figure I'll be low on 3s later in the draft, so now I'm trying to analyze low points/high 3s potential. What do you think about these following players: Turkoglu, Dorell Wright, Chalmers, Brandon Rush, Stephen Jackson.
        Byron Mullens has been lighting it up lately (as I figured he would). I'm kinda hoping he doesn't get nominated so I can swoop in and get a real good steal.

    • You also may want to punt FT%,and go after Deandre Jordan.Jordan wont score much,or hit FTs,but he'll get you a ton of rebounds & blocks.You'll also need some deep sleepers that will enhance the categories you want to be strong in like Greivis Vasquez for assists,Trevor Ariza for steals,and Carlos Delfino for 3s & steals,,oh I see Ariza is already on your list.

      (A lot of bigs drag down FT%s,but they boost your FG%s..Pick your poison there.)

      I would not target Duncan or KG unless you get them super cheap.They do not play much towards ends of seasons anymore;They rest their old bones on the bench too much.And Ray Allen may only see backup minutes to Wade this year,so don't spend a lot on him.

      I like your strategy,because points are an expensive cat that is very difficult to dominate.I rank my cats before drafts & write them out on a cheat sheet.With your strategy points would be 9 obviously;You need to figure out the order of the other 8 cats,and then make sure you are very strong in your top 5 cats!


    • nice list. i think its never a good idea to punt points, because like HR's in baseball, points also means other stats are getting filled - usually fg's, ft's, 3's. AND you have to dominate the other categories, which is hard to do regardless of whatever category youre punting.

    • if that's your strategy... drafting Ibaka is a must..
      another player you should target is Andrei Kirilenko.. I'm high on him this season.. but it's a risky move,though.. b/c he has history with injuries..

    • Other players to target: Anthony Davis, Paul George,


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