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  • Cartman_2330 Cartman_2330 Apr 23, 2012 1:57 PM Flag

    This year's condensed season

    I'd say A... Condensed season isn't good for injuries (too much this season) but, every year in the last week of the season many coaches in the NBA bench their top guys to get them some rest (Pop always does it, Rivers too) or shut down their inj guys because they are out of the PO race and they want a better draft pick (and with this very good coming draft many teams tanked, much more than last season).. this year is just more difficult to win because almost everyone can miss a game, so you have just to work harder... my best choice was to have a stream spot in almost every team, once I found a good player to trust for the rest of the season I cut another guy (because of an injury) and re-start in the same way... It seems to be working good for me, I already get a 1st place (with a 6th seed) and now I'm fighting for 2 more 'ship (with a 7th seed and with a 1st seed) and I have a very good chance to win with both... I had another team but I lost in the first round so I ended up 5th (if I had won I'd have finished at least in 3rd place for sure)

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