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  • Ben Ben Apr 15, 2012 8:44 AM Flag

    Who to start, no more moves allowed

    I have 5 players playing today, and have no more moves to make
    Josh Smith
    D Wade

    I am losing 3-6 and in FG% by .014, FT% by .018, Pts by 4, Reb by 7, Ast by 10, and STL by 7
    I am winning 3pt by 7, TOs by 1, and blocks by 7

    my opponent as 9 guys playing, so should I start everyone and hope they have amazing games, or bench all of them to preserve my %s and TOs and hope his %s go down?

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    • play wade and tragic both will give you good percentages in ft and fg

    • That's a tough call but a good strategy. I wish I would have thought about preserving my stats going into the championship. I just play them straight threw. Whats the worst that could happen? U already down by three, but we know how that could change. D Wade is going to give ur opponent problems. Josh Smiith play good all around. U are so close in all categories, and its a good chance that you will pull it off, then again u don't need any disappointments. Trust me I know how players could disappoint you. I fought the entire season to get to the playoffs and held the #1 spot for weeks. This is my first fantasy and I''m proud to be in the championship, but as i said, early in the week I were plagued with many disappointments which made it unlikely to come back in pts, reb, ass, st. I wish you the best with whatever decision that you make. Have fun.

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      • thank you, its my first year as well, and I have been 1st seed for whole season. i might just start all (except mullens) since my opponent has tyson chandler who has an insanely high fg%. the rest of his players aren;t particularly good,
        Jamal Crawford
        Calderon (inj)
        Tyreke Evans
        Joe Johnson
        thanks again, and good luck too

    • I'm not sure just benching them would be enough to catch him in the %'s. Thats a fairly large margin and I think you would need a combo of very good % from you, and the opposite from him. It's unlikely, but possible. The way dragic has been killing the ft% you never know.

    • You have virtually no chance. However, benching everyone represents your only (very small) chance at winning.


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