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  • Erik Erik Apr 10, 2012 12:44 AM Flag

    Who to drop for Vazquez??

    Greivis Vazquez had another great night and should continue to do so since Jack is out for the rest of the year. Who do I drop? 2/4 moves used for the week (I dropped Sessions for I. Thomas) I was thinking Allen or George since Allen is playing off the bench ( but still producing slightly) and George has been shufflin his feet the last week or so.

    Goran Dragic
    Ray Allen
    Isaiah Thomas
    Serge Ibaka
    Paul George (he is bummin the last week or so)
    Lebron James
    Ersan Ilyasova
    Kyle Lowry
    Danilo Gallinari
    Eric Gordon
    Mike Conley
    Greg Monroe
    David Lee

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    • i'd drop eric gordon. he didn't play tonight and expect him to miss another game or two with lower back strain. if you're the NOH manager, you'd probably say to shut him down knowing that he's going to be your franchise guy in the years to come so you'd want him healthy. what's there to play for? give the slot to younger ones to develop.

    • btw i cant believe you dropped sessions for thomas..if sessions is still avail..grab him again..which i doubt that he would still be avail

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      • He won't be available for another 3 days and has to clear waivers. I don't think Sessions is thaaaaat good. He had a decent night tonight but I always feel underwhelmed by his play. If no one picks him up later this week, I'll grab him again. My opponent already used up 2/4 of his adds tonight. I want to grab Vazquez but eh.... I'm tempted to just see how this all pans out over the next couple of days before I go into panic mode.

    • this is hard... allen...bec he will get alot of rest by becoming their 6th man...but then again these is really working for allen..gettting rested and less minutes si somewhat benificail to him..and producing decent outputs. but the boston has 5 games this week..but only 3 games next week

      george...dont know..hard to tell..his productions is dropping bec of grangers number is picking up...but he is still a must start..i would say and they play 4-4 this week and next.

      the houston gurads are the wildcard here...i have also both of them in my lineup..snd they are working nicely..try to watch them and if one the drop mins..you can drop either for vazques

    • Paul George or Lowry but tough call since both their teams are in the playoffs and the coaches would want to keep them in the rotation. But I dropped Dorell Wright for Vasquez today so there is definitely room for him in your roster.

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