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  • Rnegades Rnegades Apr 2, 2012 4:34 PM Flag

    3-Sport Dynasty YEAR-1 (repost)

    Fellow Fantasy Nuts:

    This is a repost as there was a typo in my email addy!

    We are beginning a 3-Sport Dynasty League (Baseball, Football, Basketball w/ possible option for Hockey as well in Fall). This is a BRAND NEW LEAGUE that will commence w/this season's baseball draft. League's will be12-Team H2H w/fairly standard categories and a large keeper number from your roster year-to-year.

    Baseball draft is tentatively set for WED, APRIL 4, 8:30pm PST (West Coast Time) and will consist of a 30-man roster w/15 keepers 1st year. Baseketball/Football will obviously have less in their respective rosters/keepers.

    We are trying to maximize Draft attendance so there are fewer bot drafts resulting in Happier Managers. The current draft day/time is not set in stone; but it's working so far. If you already know you can't make draft, then please be a stud at doing pre-draft. We don't need a disgruntled manager who's gonna quit right out of the gate because the computer did a crummy job of drafting.

    MAIN REQUIREMENTS as MANAGER: We are seeking knowledgeable, dedicated, proactive and ETHICAL managers w/a sense of humor, experience, and time to play DAILY. We intend to keep this league for at least a decade. We're not Fascists; just need players who take care of their teams daily. No malcontents or vulgar individuals needed.

    Commisioner will have final ruling on ALL trades with the LEAGUE's HEALTH & TEAM PARITY the overiding concern. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! In other words, don't expect a lopsided trade to get through. We've been part of too many keeper/dynasty leagues where a weak or uninvolved commish allows the league to get lopsided because of unfair trades w/inexperienced, inept, or uncaring managers. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN in this league. We want EVERY team, on any given year, to have a legitimate shot at winning a championship. At same time, we want owners to enjoy their team and want to come back to their favorite players.

    If you have ANY ISSUES with this, please don't reply. Also, we will be setting transaction limits (and longer waiver periods) in order to reign in FA streaming.

    We may institute a farm-system and/or Salary Cap in future years if the league so desires. We may delve into draft pick and cross-sport trades beginning with YEAR 2. Again, this will be based upon a majority of oweners deciding.

    Basically, we're looking for 12 cool managers who are dedicated and have lives OUTSIDE fantasy sports. None of us are young punks and ALL of US have a deep knowledge of Sports. We're in different states and are cool w/people being strung out across the country (one is located in HI).

    If you're interested, please send an EMAIL to me at rnegades@yahoo.com.

    Please don't reply.

    Also, it would expedite matters if you can send your yahoo sports profile. I know there are plenty of managers who are new, smart and hardcore; and we're okay if you haven't managed a ton of teams as long as you're knowledgeable and into it. But a profile certainly helps us.

    Thanks much and let's get this thing rolling!!!

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