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  • Justin Justin Mar 31, 2012 6:13 PM Flag

    Best/Worst Moves Made

    What are the best and worst moves you made all season?

    Best: Drafted B.Jennings in 9th round in both my leagues.
    : Traded Amare & T.Chandler for D12 early in the season
    : Traded D-Rose, Rondo & Boozer for Westbrook, J.Johnson, J.Smith

    Worst: Drafted D.Harris in 6th round in both my leagues
    : Didn't pick up R.Anderson in both leagues when I could have

    For you bored people out there.

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    • Best = trading my galinari for dwight howard, tradying my melo for ty lawson and demarcus cousins, trading my kyrie irving/marcin gortat for lebron/chalmers

      worst= not trading my deandre jordan for kris humphries

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      • best moves:

        drafting kyrie irving (7th round)
        trading my kevin martin, jeff teague and nicolas batum for marving gortat and mike conley
        trading my blake griffin and al harrington for monta ellis
        trading my eric gordon and kevin garnett for david lee
        trading my mike conley and roy hibbert for chris paul
        picking up nikola pekovic, drew gooden, klay thompson, goran dragic

        worst moves:

        drafting jason richardson (6th round), toney douglas (9th round) passing on ilyasova

    • Best: Ilysova pickup !
      Traded Aldridge/ Isiah Thomas for Jennings, Iggy and Sammy D

      D Rose messing me up, drafted AK47 like an idiot.

    • best move my brothers and I figured out the commish email account password and change the passwordand stole the best players from each team

      worst move my brothers and i started to do our work decode his password at jan 2012


    • In the two leagues I'm in, I've made 4 total trades...and I personally think I came out on top in all of them believe it or not...feel free to disagree.

      League 1
      Gave away Lin
      Got Hibbert
      Obvious winner here.

      Gave away Amare and Matthews
      Got Batum and Conley
      (this one is questionable as Batum has been slumping and Matthews was on the bench at the time of the trade, but with Amare out I think I'm still in the positive here)

      and League 2
      Gave Kobe, Boozer, Harris
      Got Monroe, David Lee, Iguodala

      Gave Nash, Beasley
      Got Felton, Irving, and Tony Allen

      In my 2nd league, I drafted very poorly and desperately needed the depth. I started the league losing my first 2 weeks, and haven't lost a week since the trade. In both leagues there are no %'s and rebounding is 3 categories.

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      • Worst....also drafted Devin Harris, took him around the 7th but like I mentioned I ended up somehow dealing him in the trade using Kobe as bait....

        Also, holding both Baron Davis and Rip Hamilton in the beginning of the season for as long as I did definitely caused me to lose some categories. I eventually cut ties, but if I could do it again it would have been a lot sooner.

    • If D Rose comes back next week for fantasy playoffs and can put up numbers that he usually does when healthy, then I don't think that 2nd trade was the best move for you. Rose is better than Westbrook when healthy, more assists, less TO's. And while Smith is better than Boozer, Rondo has more value than Johson to me. His best stats are harder to come by than Johnson's best stats.

      My best moves were:
      Traded Carmelo and Korver and got J Smith and Wes Matthews who I traded for Ray Allen.
      So I started out with Melo/Korver and ended with Smith/Allen

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      • Best moves: Drafted Ryan Anderson in the last round of one of my drafts, picked up Dragic the moment Lowry got sick, traded D-will Gallo and Amare for LeBron in another.

        Worst: Didn't trade Wesley Mathews for Nick Young at the start of the season, Didn't trade Gallo for Iggy before he got injured, took D12 instead of Kobe in the first round of one draft where points are worth twice the fantasy points more than any other stat


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