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  • tyrone tyrone Mar 22, 2012 9:18 PM Flag

    I took over a 20 team keeper

    don't like the 2nd trade you did

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    • That's fair, but I think I'm a long ways from making the playoffs unfortuantly either way, even with Joe Johnson and Bargaini. Clearly a rebuilding process. I wanted to see what I could get opening up a 2nd round pick for next year. My rational was a couple things.

      -I expect Joe Johnson to start declining the next couple years, and maybe even be amnestied next year. His role could change if so, and Bargaini is only getting 20 because Toranto is so bad, and he does little else. Conely is young and good on a good team, makes me feel better and I'm building for 2 years out when he will be in his prime.

      ESPN currently have them rated

      #40 Joe Johnson
      #51 Conley
      #65 Bargaini

      Looking around, I'm thinking with that open draft pick I can get a top 60 player anyway in a redraft.

      It also allowed me to take a chance on Jeff Green as an 8th rounder keeper. I think Boston is going to unload some of their stars and he might come back and be a big part of their rebuilding team. I need a move like that to pay off for me so I wanted to take the chance there on a guy that was 25 that could be averaging 15ppg as an 8th rounder. We'll see.


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