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  • Justin Justin Mar 15, 2012 11:43 PM Flag

    Pick 2

    Pick 2

    Louis Williams vs Miami Heat
    Klay Thompson vs Milwaukee Bucks
    Jordan Crawford @ Atlanta Hawks

    Gotta sit 1.

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    • Lou Klay help with my post. blockbuster trade help. thx.

    • Im taking sweet Lou and Klay. Louis plays the Heat pretty well he had 22 and 13 last two times out. I know he had an off night on Wed. but hes been fairly consistent and shooting arouind 50% last five games. Klay because when Monta left he left behind a ton of shots with him and Klay is no longer settling for jumpshots hes driving and attacking the hoop with authority. So your gonna she more free throws and higher %'s. Crawford is a streaky shooter and even though hes got 2 on lock with Young gonna hes gonna kill your %'s.

    • Thompson vs the Bucks for sure.

      Williams vs Crawford is tougher to figure out, but I'd probably go with Williams. Crawford has been shooting a terrible percentage for the last few games. They just did a big trade, so bonding with new teammates could be an issue. Williams is in a more stable situation.

      Can you please answer my "Did I win this trade?" post? Thanks


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