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  • M-v-P M-v-P Mar 13, 2012 5:29 PM Flag

    Who wins this trade?

    Andre Iguodala (Phi - SG,SF) + Ryan Anderson (Orl - PF,C) for Kevin Garnett (Bos - PF,C) + Steve Nash (Pho - PG) ?

    It didn't involve me, im just curious. In an H2H with no %'s or 3ptm, but all the other categories.

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    • I gotta go wit da Nash deal with all da assist he gives Garnet is just gravy wit da rebs and blks

    • With no fg % & no 3s I think the whole league loses...

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      • I have no idea what you meant by that Garcia, it's how we decided to play this league. And nah it's not a keeper league, but I've tried to focus on getting younger players nonetheless. Thanks for the further responses, both arguments for both sides are very good, but honestly taking into consideration how well they've been playing, I'd give the edge to Garnett and Nash, till the end of the season, even if they are the older duo. Hell sometimes the old guys close out the season really well, we'll see. Definitely a pretty damn close trade.

    • Iggy's value goes up without %'s.
      Anderson's value goes down without 3's.

      Nash's value goes down without %'s.
      Garnett's value goes down without %'s.

      With this in mind, I'd still take Nash's side because of the assists that Steve provides and the rebounds and blocks KG gives.

    • With how well Garnett has played recently, and the fact that 3's aren't a category, I give the edge to Nash/Garnett.

      Ryan Anderson's best attribute is his 3 point shooting. Take that away, and Garnett has more value.
      If you look at their averages Anderson gets 1 more point per game, but Garnett gets more reb's, assists, steals and blocks (assists and blocks by a good margin, rebs pretty close).

      Between Nash and Iggy, Nash gets more pts, and assists, while Iggy gets more rebs and steals.

      I'd rather have the KG/Nash side unless it was a keeper league.

    • I'd say that Andre Iguodala and Ryan anderson are the more valuable commodities in this deal because they give you atypical stats for their position. Iguodala is tremendous in steals, rebounds and assists for his position as well as giving you 16 points or so. Anderson is the league leader in 3's by a wide margin and he does that at the power forward spot which will give any team a boost. KG has probably peaked in terms of fantasy value and one of his main benefits is %'s which you don't count. Nash's value is obvious as the league leader in assists. Statistical scarcity in that category alone makes him a valuable player but again, part of his appeal his his efficiencey at the pg spot. You can compensate for that with guys like iggy getting dimes for your front line

    • I would take the combo of Iguodola and Anderson every time.

    • put it in the trade analyzer and find out.

      first change the league settings and then plug in the players.

      the analyzer i use is:



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