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  • DoRaedtos DoRaedtos Mar 5, 2012 5:27 PM Flag

    Goooodamnit Lopez

    This guy pisses me off so much. I let him ride my for about 3 weeks before he returned from his foot injury and now this garbage. I honestly don't understand how a sprain equals 3 weeks. I've played competitive and and just casual bball for over 10 years and have rolled/sprained my ankle multiple times. I have not been sidelined for more than a day EVER. I honestly don't understand how a sprain, no matter how severe it is could possibly keep someone out for 3 weeks. I'm basically just venting in this post, but I just feel like I'm the only one who thinks the team doctors should let him man up and at least try playing. Ugh. There, I'm done.

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    • Exactly my thoughts. 3 weeks just sounds like way too much. I'm definitely making the playoffs in both of my leagues, and hopefully a first round bye in each of them as well so I'm gonna hold him. If you're in 1st, don't forget about that if there are byes in your league. I really hope it's just a precautionary prognosis, and he comes back in 1.5-2 weeks, kinda like Marcus Thornton surprised everyone when he came back way earlier than expected earlier in the season. But only time will tell I guess. All I can say is I wish I could got something for him by trading this bastard after his two big games, and he BETTER produce when he comes back.

    • Understood your experience. However, this guy is 7 feet tall ,so his legs always hold up huge body. He may need a lot more time than u to be game ready

    • Join the club on holding him, he's like over 80% owned so you're not alone. I'm hoping that time table is a cautious one but considering this the same leg that had the broken foot, maybe 3 weeks is about right for the ankle sprain. Something just feels strange about this one though.

    • Fack tell me about it.. I've been holding on to Lopez forever and now this? Garbage!


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