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  • Hawk4Life Hawk4Life Feb 7, 2012 7:05 PM Flag

    Is this trade fair/unfair??

    im in a 12t h2h league and another team and i came to an agreement on this trade:
    I give: jack and gooden
    I recieve: al jeff and ridnour (this was his drop player and he offered to throw him in the deal0

    i say this is a fair trade for multiple reasons....however our league comissioner disagrees...how so?

    Note: This trade went thru tonight, i just want to hear other opinions. Ive already stated my case. Thanks!

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    • you did good, but everyone is going to have their opinion... you know how at the beginning kobe was ranked #17 then for about 3-4 straight weeks he was #1 so rank really means nothing on here. both al jeff and gooden are good 15/10, 18/10 players, and jack and ridnour are both playing on again off again games... my opinion you got a good steal, but it's still fairly even. also they are your players, and your team... you did good for YOUR TEAM!!!!!

    • I think it's unfair. Jack may have gone back to practice today, but the way grievas is playing, he may take away minutes from jack. Gooden has his moments and also had a game with 15 minutes. Ilyavasa and some others may take away minutes from him. Jefferson is gonna get minutes and continue to be a top player.

    • he's just asking if it is a fair trade....which I think it is....if you go by ranks alone it just shows how inexperienced you are, and this is especially true if you're not using standard h2h categories

    • Haha only a newb Commish would veto this trade of course

      Jarrett Jack and Drew Gooden is more than enough for BIG Al

      Gooden as a starter is playing at a high level as well as Jack's statistics.

      He only vetoed cuz one person is a getting a bigger named Big AL as Jack and Gooden were practically on the waiver in standard leagues at the beginning of the season.

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      • You can't always justify ranks as well.

        Players will be injured at times and there ranks dramatically decrease. Some players just happen to have a great rank just due to their no t/o good % but of course they dont do anything else to justify being on a roster.

        Some players like Gooden will gain great value instantly due to an out for season injury.

        This trade is fair and Id actually take the Jack side if it was a standard league or larger

    • you are just trying to justify your trade...you would not consider it if its the other way around if your being honest with yourself

    • ranks do mean something....cant say they dont mean anything....dont tell me if you had Al jeff that you would trade for Jack and gooden.

      I like Jack mainly cause he is SG eligible and Gooden is decent but Gooden is very inconsistent one game good another bad...plus he doesnt give you many blocks and Jack while I like him really doesnt give you a lot of anything but Assists..

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      • what game are you watching....gooden has had ONE bad game...jack stuffs the stat book and look what he was doing before the injury. so you're trying to tell me that because dwight howard is ranked in the 100's that someone should offer a player of equal ranks to acquire him in a trade. try again!!!

    • It's a fair trade don't listen to pids rank means nothing...anyone who puts too much emphasis on rank doesn't know how to play...Mike Miller was ranked 1 overall in the league for a couple days...rank especially means nothing if you're not using standard league scoring (Blake and Dwight ranked in the 100's but if FT% or TO's aren't categories that rank doesn't change yet they should be higher for example)....it could go either way I might want Jack and Gooden the way they're playing this season as to just Al Jefs and a borderline FA....fair trade though

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      • i agree mike- howard is ranked 197th in my league b/c it's based off of the league's point system and since he has 0 three pointers, less than .500 FT%, and 80 TOs it ranks him much much lower than he is in actuallity.

        howard is 7th in the league for total points scored, 1st in rebounds, 16th in steals, and 5th in blocks

        does this look like a player that should be ranked 197th?

      • thank you mike....thats exactly how i see it. people are using the "name" brand too much in trades...look at what gooden has done since entering the starting lineup....wow. and he isnt slowing down! jack is killin it and quite frankly im sad to have traded him cause he is NO H's only real star. this is a fair trade if u look at how the players are performing. Call it a "sell high" moment.

      • lol rank means nothing...the rank is based on stats, it is the actual rank so far and not a projection.

        fantasy basketball is all about stats. they don't lie and right now they are saying he ripped the guy off.

    • its probably a little on the high side.....

      i have JJ at 60th gooden at 90th and AJ 15th

      5th and 8th round for a 2nd seems a little high...not even counting Ridnour whose basically a throw in

    • really unfair

      al jefferson is a top 20 player (ranked 19th currently) whereas your 2 are 67 (jack) and 152 (gooden) and jack was just injured and gooden is only good until Bogut gets back in a couple months.


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