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  • MikeD MikeD Feb 7, 2012 7:25 PM Flag

    Is this trade fair/unfair??

    It's a fair trade don't listen to pids rank means nothing...anyone who puts too much emphasis on rank doesn't know how to play...Mike Miller was ranked 1 overall in the league for a couple days...rank especially means nothing if you're not using standard league scoring (Blake and Dwight ranked in the 100's but if FT% or TO's aren't categories that rank doesn't change yet they should be higher for example)....it could go either way I might want Jack and Gooden the way they're playing this season as to just Al Jefs and a borderline FA....fair trade though

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    • lol rank means nothing...the rank is based on stats, it is the actual rank so far and not a projection.

      fantasy basketball is all about stats. they don't lie and right now they are saying he ripped the guy off.

    • thank you mike....thats exactly how i see it. people are using the "name" brand too much in trades...look at what gooden has done since entering the starting lineup....wow. and he isnt slowing down! jack is killin it and quite frankly im sad to have traded him cause he is NO H's only real star. this is a fair trade if u look at how the players are performing. Call it a "sell high" moment.

    • i agree mike- howard is ranked 197th in my league b/c it's based off of the league's point system and since he has 0 three pointers, less than .500 FT%, and 80 TOs it ranks him much much lower than he is in actuallity.

      howard is 7th in the league for total points scored, 1st in rebounds, 16th in steals, and 5th in blocks

      does this look like a player that should be ranked 197th?


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