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  • dy dy Jan 18, 2012 7:37 PM Flag

    Super Trade Accepted

    16 team h2h league

    I gave up: Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard, Stephen Jackson, Samuel Dalembert

    I received: Blake Griffin, Kyle Lowry, Andrew Bynum


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    • You gave up the MVP and Defensive player of the year.... its not about name recognition.

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      • We'll see how this plays out over the course of the season, but if all of them play 55/60+ games by the end of the season, then ill be happy with this trade no doubt.

        I may have given up more, but the 3 people i got are completely healthy, and id rather not wait to sit around on Rose and his Turf toe ( and hes not playing through out, 1 sat out one game, game back and reinjured it, and has now missed 2 straight and will probably miss at least 1-2 more.) possibly even more if the bulls keep playing as good as they are.

    • was a ok trade--but u gave up to much

    • i dont see why all of you are saying that "i got destroyed" in this trade..

      I traded D-Rose, who according to reports today, has Turf-Toe, and may be out for at least another week if not 2. Dwight was a loss but Stephan Jackson has been awful this season.

      i got Blake who is 20/10 almost every night, i got lowry who is ranked 5th in Yahoo Fantasy right now (yeah i know that yahoo's system isnt the greatest, but the guy is the only source of offense and has already had 6 games in which he missed a Triple Double by either 1 rebound or 1 assist. And i get Bynum, who has been absolutely beasting it up.

      I think its obvious that many of you may rely too much on "name recognition" rather than whose actually playing well and how well they compare.

      I just added two great scorers and rebounders to go along with John Wall, who i managed to keep and i have Manu on my bench for when he returns in about 3-4 weeks.

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      • Rose has been playing through Turf-Toe and will return to the floor soon. He won't be sidelined long so it's not going to have a significant impact like losing Horford or Z-Bo did. Blake is 20/10 but Dwight can be 25/15 constantly. You screwed up on that...just admit it. Kyle Lowry IS NO WHERE near Rose's fantasy level. I have him and I would trade for Rose in a heartbeat. It's not "name recognition", you fucked up.

        You lost players that put up decent numbers now than players that will put up great numbers constantly. Andrew Bynum is probably the only "even" player you received but you still gave up way too much. Should have given up John Wall instead of Rose. Maybe it would've been even.

    • Let's see.
      -Derrick Rose puts up 25+ and dishes out a hefty amount of assists.
      -Dwight Howard puts up number and a TON of boards. FT % is the only downside.
      -Stephen Jackson is an above average player that can put up decent numbers and have some good nights.
      -Dalembert can block and rebound and score at a mediocre rate.

      You recieved:
      Blake Griffin: Superstar but not even close to Howards level.
      Kyle Lowry: Great player but no where near Derrick Roses level.
      Andrew Bynum: Stephen and Dalembert can possibly produce more combined than Bynum can in one night at a consistent/decent rate.

      You failed terribly. I recommend you beg for a veto...or something.

    • u got hosed big time

    • epic fail

    • Thats a terrible trade for you.


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