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  • Lisa Lisa Dec 29, 2011 6:35 PM Flag

    Rodney Stuckey and Ty Lawson for Chris Paul

    I just did this trade because I figured both those guys will give me the same stats as paul and probably even average more points in the end

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    • LOL if anything it's clear that Mo-Will is taking the hit. And he's backing up BOTH Billups and Cp3..mainly Billups.

      Cp3 had no reliable teammates back on the hornets after D West went down and he still wound up top 5.

      It's pretty obvious Cp3 isnt going to see a decline..the more talent the easier the assists come.

      this should make it easier for you to believe. If you wont listen to me, then how about the majority of people?

    • your logic is funny..im talkin abot CHRIS PAUL on a new team and new system and Coach...you think his stats wont take a hit but i do...and now he actually has a good back up in MO Williams...your too caught on the name...and expectations. instead of actual play...

    • So you're tellin me if I see some huge potential in Michael Beasely this year..I'd trade Kevin Durant for him..that makes a lot of sense. I've won championships every year, I know what players go downhill and uphill it's all part of the game. So far all you're telling me is Lawson is a big sleeper. Were not even talking about Stuckey anymore..we know he's on the borderline of Waiver in standard leagues. It's practically CP3 vs Lawson. You have to understand that value in assists are just that much better than pts, 3s, boards..because assists is the CAT that is hardest to find in bulk numbers.. Being that CP3 is the number one in that Cat alongside steals..should be more than enough to beat Lawson's pts, 3s, 1 stl, some assists PG

    • no ones knows what these players are gonna do until they step on the court!! what do you mean Higher on these boards? im not hyping him up...Hes been good since NC days and i knew once he got his shot he d capitalize...wait and see how much his stock rises tho...dont underestimate heart!! Your just caught on the name but youll see...plus Lawson has been in that same system for the past years with the same coach...watch. We ll see how hes ranked after this season...Dont go by ranks i learned that in baseball

    • Okur has already proven himself when given mins.

      Hawes hasn't. He's proven to be inconsistent as hell. Why else would I trust him.

    • I never said he'd be the same. He has the potential to do what he did especially with no real potential scorers on the Nets except DWill

      1 trey PG isnt much but its still a 3. Like How Lawson avg 1 stl PG but its still a stl.

      The fact is Cp3 will continue being a top fantasy player..not even at his prime yet at age 26.

      You're just hyping Lawson too much. If Lawson had that much potential coming in he wouldve been higher on the boards. But the fact is, he's good for points and 3s. Not a reliable 1st PG unless you're punting assists. If he was gonna that good as you hyped it to be he wouldve AT LEAST been a 3rd rounder like all the other hyped up PG like Lowry, Holiday, Conley.

    • and you said you dont trust HAWes but you TRUST OKUR? come on man...im actually watchin these games

    • Cp3 doesnt shoot 3s that much man...idk do you actually watch the games? Hes on a different team now so its a different approach. Just like how you think OKUR will be the same as he waas in UTah...uh uh hes a bum and he wont get it done like i said

    • Lawson has the potential to go higher, but points 3s and stls aren't enough for what cp3 already gives out. You're thinking too much on points.

      Cp3 helps in so many ways of pts, assists, 3s, stls, FT%, low t/o and good FG%

      Being the league LEADER in 2 of those cats. It's so rare just to have a player getting 10 assists alongside 2 stls PER GAME with the potential of hitting 20 assists at any given night.

      While Lawson's highest assists seem like only 10 on rare occasions. He has more of a shoot first mentality which does not make him an elite PG of potentially AVG 10 assists a game.

    • i think good trade:

      chris paul is still chris paul just needs time to figure out new team. stats will return as season progresses.

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