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  • Pat-Man Pat-Man Dec 25, 2011 3:54 AM Flag


    His team: Nash, Kobe, Rip, Marion, Lewis, Both Gasol Bros., Chandler, Billups, Carter, Wall, SJAX, Camby.

    My Team: Curry, K-Mart, Matthews, Griffen, Boozer, Scola, Milicic, Jennings, Jack, Grant Hill, Evans(Reg), Milsap, Mayo.

    I really want Pau, and he really wants Blake. These negotiations are getting hot and heavy between us two.

    How about I give him Blake, Curry, K-Mart, Jennings for Wall, Pau, Kobe.

    That would be giving up too much, right?

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    • You're team isn't too bad at the moment but you are very short handed on assists. I'm uncomfortable with Curry but at this moment you might need him. I really hate that you have Milicic but I see that you need blocks. If you really want to get this trade done then send him something like Curry/Griffin for Pau/Wall see if he bites on that. Don't get too hungry for Pau and blow up your whole team to get him cause you're looking pretty good. I would suggest dropping either Darko or Reggie Evan for someone that can throw you some assists though. Good luck bro.


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