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  • Pat-Man Pat-Man Dec 25, 2011 3:37 AM Flag


    I give:
    Blake Griffin
    Stephen Curry
    Brandon Jennings
    Carlos Boozer

    I get:
    Both Gasol's
    Tyson Chandler
    John Wall

    I was just countered with M. Gasol/Chandler/Wall for Griffin/Curry/Boozer

    Now I'm getting confused, and this owner is beginning to get desperate for Griffin. What should I do?

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    • keep your guys

    • dont like the trade offer you need to get better value for blake,my opinon keep your guys

    • I am very high on Blake Griffin this year. With Paul running the point and passing to him, his game should improve. With the plodding Chris Kaman shipped out and the younger, faster, more athletic DeAndre Jordan manning the pivot, this should be a more up-tempo/high-scoring team. This is the perfect recipe for an even greater season for Blake than last year.

      If you part with Blake, INSIST ON GETTING PAU GASOL.

      Curry, despite his recent injury woes, has greater value than John Wall. Wall should have a great year, but it won't be any better than Curry's(assuming both stay healthy).

      Consider Blake and Curry to be a better pair than Gasol and Wall in this deal. Even with this 2-on-2 part of the deal, you should ask for even more.

      Boozer is worth as much(if not more) than Marc Gasol.

      Jennings and Tyson are decently close in value(I am higher on Chandler than most).

      The reason the other guy is desperate to get Griffin is because he is going to be a beast. He wants to get him from you before you see him play this year and change your mind. Blake is also center-eligible this year(which in iitself is a boost).

      A fair trade would be Blake Griffin and Stephan Curry for Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, and John Wall....and I'm not sure I'd do that.

      I would wait on this trade until you see Blake do his thing....he's worth hanging on to!

    • I say keep your guys. I love Pau Gasol and Wall but you're giving up alot and Marc Gasol slowed down late last season.

    • Can we get a look at the rest of his roster? I like the idea of you unloading Curry and Griffin. Curry's ankle gave him problems all last season and I have a feeling it will continue to do the same this season. Griffin is surrounded by a lot of talent now and DeAndre Jordan will be leaching some of his rebounds and certainly not helping with his already low blocks. I think you need to work something out for Pau in there though.

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      • His team: Nash, Kobe, Rip, Marion, Lewis, Both Gasol Bros., Chandler, Billups, Carter, Wall, SJAX, Camby.

        My Team: Curry, K-Mart, Matthews, Griffen, Boozer, Scola, Milicic, Jennings, Jack, Grant Hill, Evans(Reg), Milsap, Mayo.

        I really want Pau, and he really wants Blake. These negotiations are getting hot and heavy between us two.

        How about I give him Blake, Curry, K-Mart, Jennings for Wall, Pau, Kobe.

        That would be giving up too much, right?

    • his counter of marc tyson and wall is nowhere close to getting what he wants

    • see my other threads for both rosters.

    • Don't do it. I believe boozer is in for a big year.

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