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  • Thatdude Thatdude Dec 22, 2011 4:46 PM Flag

    Should I get this FA?

    8Team League, should i make a move for one of these guys to better my roster-h2h

    PG- Stephen Curry
    SG- Kevin Martin
    SF- Kevin Durant
    PF - Blake Griffin
    C - Andrew Bogut
    UTL - Zach Randolph
    UTL - Tony Parker
    Bench- Marc Gasol,
    Bench- Elton Brand,
    Bench- Jamal Crawford
    Bench- Arron Afflalo
    Bench- Kris Humphries

    for FA - Rip Hamilton, Marcus Thorton, Ed Davis, Dalembert

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    • Ok so im dropping Crawford for Thorton.. Ill only have Curry and Tony which are both injury prone.. is that going to be enough

    • Thorton is a good pick up

    • I would probably drop Crawford for Thorton. Basically for the same reasons already stated, Thorton is a starter and a higher option on his team. Crawford is coming off the bench and could get lost in the mix (fantasy wise) with Aldridge, Wallace, Matthews etc.
      I would not drop Humphries. He is pretty good for 10pts 10rebs + every game, can't remember how he is with blocks but with Bogut/Gasol/Brand you should be pretty good there. And with Brook Lopez being out for possibly half the season, Humphries should shine even more this year. At least for the start. IF he falls off once Lopez returns you could always drop/trade him then. But I think you will be impressed with him for the beginning.
      DEFINITELY do NOT drop Kevin Martin, whoever said that is either joking or not too bright.
      From the looks of your team I would say that 1 thing you might struggle with are assists when going up against a team with 2 or more good PG's. Curry and Parker are good for assists, but if 1 of them gets hurt or gets rested you don't really have a 3rd option I think Blake Griffin would probably be your 3rd best guy for assists.

    • Whoever said to drop Brand is a moron. Brand produced top-30 numbers last season, and could approach that this season. There is little reason to expect a big dropoff in production.

      You should probably pick up Ed Davis and drop Crawford. Davis should be a solid double-double source of production, and insurance for Bogut (if he is still having issues with that arm/elbow), or Brand (if he does have any issues).

      Thornton is, in my opinion, much too one-dimensional a player to have a lot of value in fantasy. He scores a decent amount, and gets some steals (but not enough to really justify a roster spot).

      Hamilton could provide solid production, but I would wait and see how consistent his minutes are.

      Dalembert is solid, but I think DAvis clearly has more upside. So, if you are going to pick one of them up Davis is the better of the two.

      Remember, for bench spots you want high upside over moderate production. You want a player that could potentially crack the starting line-up for your team, or a back-up to any weak players on your team.

      All that being said, your biggest weakness is a lack of assists.Outside of Curry and Parker you have very few assists to speak of. And none of the players you brought into consideration from the waiver wire really offer much in the way of assists.

      See if Calderon (if you are lucky), or Andre Miller are available on the waiver wire. I would think that there are some solid options still on the waiver wire since you only have eight teams and 12-man rosters. That means only 96 players were drafted, which leaves quite a few options still available for free.

      Nelson, Rubio, Jack, etc.

    • thornton is going to be a beast this year at the 2 spot, he can hit threes and score, he average 21 pts with sac last year and he will get alot of min, now that i think about it more maybe you should trade crawford for thornton cause crawford wont get the minutes that martin or thornton gets and he might not be able to put up numbers like them either

    • Drop Crawford for Thornton--Crawford is coming off the bench in Portland--Thornton is a starter for Sacramento---Thornton will play more minutes and he'll be more productive especially if you need points and 3s--

      I defnitely would not drop Martin for Crawford----or if you like Crawford then drop Humphries or Dalembert

    • drop crawford for thornton and try and package afflalo and parker for a better pg who gets steals

    • Drop Humpries for Thorton

    • Drop Crawford for Thornton.

    • drop martin for thornton

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