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  • The Operator The Operator Dec 17, 2011 9:50 PM Flag

    Bored, Q+A time...............

    thanks a lot andy. i really wanted dalembert but right now he doesnt have any team yet..and i added both jordan crawford and morrow for those offensive cats (fgm, ftm, pts).. im worried about maggette as well but i cant drop him..

    so i lack big men stats as of now right? ill try focusing on those..

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    • No Problem Operator.

      And I wouldn't say you're lacking in big men stats per se....You have a nicely balanced team.

      Just Dalambert would have bumped up your bigs stats a notch. I can justify you keeping Maggs though due to league setting and such.

      However just monitor that situation and yes focusing on helping out your frontcourt will help.

      GL nevertheless. =)


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