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  • Shawn K Shawn K Nov 28, 2011 2:05 PM Flag

    How's My Team?

    12 Team H2H - where could I use improvements? And what would you rate this team?

    PG Augustin
    SG M. Ellis
    G Lawson
    SF Iguodala
    PF Dirk
    F Bargnani
    C Z. Randolph
    C Bosh
    Util T. Douglas
    Util Kirilenko

    BE Tyrus Thomas
    BE C. Butler
    BE D. Blair

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    • terrible. any team with bargnani has no chance

    • Hi Shawn:

      PG Augustin (okay/questionable-because CHA has expressed interest in playing Kemba this year---and if they are looking towards next year's draft as I suspect they are, I don't think management is going to have a problem developing there young PG in lieu of winning games this season)

      SG M. Ellis (Solid pick)

      G Lawson (Good, but keep on the lookout on how they share the PG role in DEN again)

      SF Iguodala (ehhhh, I don't care for him but decent production in all cats)

      PF Dirk (solid pick)

      F Bargnani (Noooooooooooooo!)

      C Z. Randolph ( I suspect a dropoff, especially if he hasn't been training during the lockout and he's kind of notorious for see-sawing )

      C Bosh ( Not a fan but okay pick)

      Util T. Douglas (really?)

      Util Kirilenko (Like the 3rd injury prone player on your squad so far)

      BE Tyrus Thomas (okay make that 4)

      BE C. Butler (Nevermind make that 5...Geez)

      BE D. Blair (Good pick here...I suspect him to get a decent bump with the shortened season and Duncan and McDyess resting a bit more, so....smart pick here)

      GL man....your squad gets a 50% from the get....make a few trades or work the wire to help you get a better contender.


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