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  • Gumby Gumby Nov 10, 2011 4:41 PM Flag

    rate my team

    1. (6) Howard
    2. (19) Griffin
    3. (30) Rondo
    4. (43) Iguodala
    5. (54) Bogut
    6. (67) Odom
    7. (78) Parker
    8. (91) Calderon
    9. (102) Cousins
    10. (115) Batum
    11. (126) Fields
    12. (139) Crawford
    13. (150) Casspi

    12 player H2H and obviously, I'm punting FT%.

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    • I think you've got a solid playoff contender..

      A trade suggestion would be to package Parker & Rondo for Steve Nash (NBA assist leader),then pick up another big to help out Superman & Bogut,like Biedrins,or even Greg Oden;Both of which will benifit physically from a short season.

      Nash is money for assists & 3s;Where as Rondo is more of a question mark..Nash would help you in more categories,and paired with Calderon,you'd be fairly dominant in assists allowing you to stack your bigs a little more.

    • looks very competitive. don't see any loose ends. good luck!

    • See if you can trade Rondo for Dorell Wright (Golden State), he lead the league in 3s last year and steals, I think that whoever has Wright will see the star power in Rondos name and make a deal, plus I see the Celtics window finally closing this year, with Garnett slowing down, Big Baby possibly leaving and Perkins in OKC, Rondo will have to depend on Pierce and Jeff Green to score big in order for him to get assist points, Rondo has never been a 3pt threat either.

    • good team. but your also punting 3 pointers with that squad.

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      • The last four picks, especially Crawford, were made specifically with winning 3-pointers in mind. Most good 3 point shooters (and assist guys) you have to pay extra for because they come with good free throw shooting so that was an issue I tried to address. Naturally, this team will lose to any strong 3 point shooting team. But it should be able to hold its own against any mediocre ones. Jamal Crawford is one of the best in the league for 3-pointers. Fields and Batum can each give me about 1.5 per game. Casspi is a wild card. I don't know how his role with the Cavs will shake out. But he's always been an inefficient gunner who can also contribute on 3ptm.

      • Actually, that squad has a fighting chance at three's. I like it, definitely a top tier team for the size league it's in. Barring injuries and how the FA shakes the rotation.....I can see it winning 7-2, 6-3 most weeks.


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