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  • Mitchell Mitchell Oct 31, 2011 3:32 PM Flag

    Hows My Team??

    I am in a 12 team H2H league with standard cats. My team is:
    (3) Chris Paul
    (22) LaMarcus Aldridge
    (27) Serge Ibaka
    (46) Andre Iguodola
    (51) Joe Johnson
    (70) JaVale McGee
    (75) DeMar Derozan
    (94) Kris Humphries
    (99) Arron Afflalo
    (118) Rodney Stuckey
    (123) Anthony Morrow
    (142) Ed Davis
    (147) Omri Casspi

    I think Andre and Joe are going to have comeback years and DeMar was already good last season. JaVale should have a good year. Suckey will put up decent numbers and Morrow should be good to. Ed Davis will put up double doubles if he gets playing time and Casspi should be the starting sf in Cleveland.
    Please let me know how my team is and where I can improve. Please suggest any trades I can try.

    Thanks in advance.

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    • Don't know how you did it, but you got EVERY trendy player. As long as half of them put up numbers like last year, you should be fine, though. I really like Iguodala and Johnson. That's a really cool pairing now that JJ has SF eligibility.

      I don't know, but if your trendy players:

      LaMarcus Aldridge
      Serge Ibaka
      JaVale McGee
      DeMar Derozan
      Kris Humphries
      Arron Afflalo
      Rodney Stuckey
      Omri Casspi

      hit the skids, I would lump them in a trade faster than a preacher in Tombstone. You know some of them will do well like Humphries. The key to winning the whole thing for you MIGHT be moving some of them, though...take advantage of the buy now out there in your league to get rid of the ones headed for disappointment before they become disappointing...

    • Paul is the bomb. Can't go wrong with him. He single-handedly always makes me want to draft third.

      Iggy and Afflalo were very good value where you got them. Johnson pretty decent too. Aldridge and Deroza were slight reaches. Hump and McGee were huge reaches. Y! rates them way too high. Stuckey is a tough call because if he is in the NBA, that was a steal. But he may end up in China. Ed Davis was a solid pick.

      Right now, you are weak on assists, blocks, and 3s. You really need another PG. And I would consider picking up Oden if he is available.

      Overall: 4/10

    • You've got a viable team just because of CP. He's obviously your guy that can win a week by himself. Iguodola, Aldridge, Ibaka, and Johnson round out a solid starting 5. There are a lot of ifs after that. I would be on the lookout for the hot commodity on the waiver wire if the season ever starts. Any of the guys on your bench could be productive starters or 3rd string D leaguers by seasons end. Overall it's a strong teams that could definitely make the playoffs if you continue to improve it with the hot hand.

    • anyone?

    • Anyone else?

    • I would trade Humphries for Eddy Curry. He might be depressed from being dropped by the Kardashians. Not sure if his focus/pysche will take a hit from the trauma.


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