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  • Felisberto Felisberto Oct 31, 2011 1:54 PM Flag

    Please Rate My Team

    It's a H2H 14 Teams with normal categories league:

    1. (3) LeBron James SF,PF
    2. (26) Rajon Rondo PG
    3. (31) David Lee PF,C
    4. (54) Joe Johnson SG,SF
    5. (59) Andrew Bogut C
    6. (82) Luis Scola PF,C
    7. (87) Nick Young SG,SF
    8. (110) Devin Harris PG
    9. (115) Louis Williams PG,SG
    10. (138) DeAndre Jordan PF,C
    11. (143)Tristan Thompson PF
    12. (166)Evan Turner SG

    I'm hopping that LeBron and Rondo to put up some Triple-doubles, David Lee to be a double-double guy with Bogut, Johnon to be a scoring machine and the others I'm just hopping them to make a good season after I saw them last year.
    Nick Young, Evan Turner have to score points, Scola win some rebounds, Harris has to be a 16p and 7ass guy, Lou Williams will fight for the starting job, DeAndre Jordan started by the end of last season, and I'm hopping that Clevend starts Thompson.

    But please give me your thaughts on this.

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    • You have a strong roster for a 14 team H2H.

      The only thing I would do is just keep an eye out for the 2&3 positions.

      I don't think any teams are going to want you to have LBJ and Howard on the same team but you never know, it depends what the other team you are offering for needs as well.

      You can really just dominate on your strong cats and punt FT% and threes. If Howard doesn't work, go for Love who'll help with multiple categories....

      I'd also try to package a deal for Blake too as he'll help you out with those categories you are already solid in.

      I'd also try to trade up and get Budinger (or Afflalo as suggested) instead of Turner at the 2.

      Tristan Thompson is a solid pick, but also keep an eye out for Faried, Derek Williams and Biyombo to see who will most likely get more minutes with this shortened season.


    • Thanks, any trade suggestions?

    • Weak Points - FT% and 3pters

      Strong Points - Rebs and maybe assists


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