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  • H2H 12 Teams League, normal categories:
    1. LeBron James (Mia - SF,PF)
    2. Rudy Gay (Mem - SF,PF)
    3. Serge Ibaka (OKC - PF,C)
    4. Andre Iguodala (Phi - SG,SF)
    5. Tyreke Evans (Sac - PG,SG)
    6. James Harden (OKC - SG)
    7. DeMarcus Cousins (Sac - PF,C)
    8. Chuck Hayes (Hou - PF,C)
    9. J.R. Smith (Den - SG,SF)
    10. Jimmer Fredette (Sac - PG,SG)
    11. Louis Williams (Phi - PG,SG)
    12. Jason Thompson (Sac - PF,C)
    13. Shannon Brown (LAL - SG,SF)

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    • threes could be a slight issue but nice team overall. Ibaka is extremely valuable on your particular roster, do not think about trading him.

      please check my post. thanks!

    • You are seriously lacking in the big man stats & assists..

      Your team is not particularly strong in any categories,but it is well balanced,and you should beat the weeker teams in your league maybe landing you a lower seed into the fantasy playoffs at the end of the season..From there anything could happen.GL

    • Strong picks in the first 5 rounds. The next two are decent but questionable. Round 8 and on are just horrible picks. Hayes is little better than waiver wire material. Smith is stuck in China and won't play next year. Fredette is an unproven, job-sharing rookie. WIlliams is a decent pick. And well, I guess with the last two, there are no good picks left so it's just about which players you guess have better shots at breaking out.
      All in all: 6.5/10
      Above average because the first rounds are by far the most important. But work on the late rounds for future drafts. Players like Kaman have upside in case they are healthy. Afflalo is an absolute steal where he falls. Fields and Mayo are pretty decent fliers. And anyone is better than Smith.

    • Rounds 9, 12, and 13 could have been better picks.


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