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  • CWizzle CWizzle Oct 23, 2011 4:20 PM Flag

    Please rate my team

    I am in my 2nd year of a Keeper league. It is a H-2-H league with standard 9 cat's except A/T ratio instead of TO's.

    I missed this year's online draft and would now like to get some opinions on how my team looks. I realize I am pretty heavy in the Gaurds positions and pretty light in the big man department, but here's my roster:

    Deron Williams (Keeper)
    Monta Ellis (Keeper)
    Carmelo Anthony (Keeper)
    Pau Gasol (Keeper)
    Manu Ginobili
    Antawn Jamison
    Mike Conley
    Austin Daye
    Carlos Delfino
    Jordan Crawford
    OJ Mayo
    Taj Gibson
    Marcus Camby
    Grant HIll
    JJ Reddick

    Are Camby or Hill going to retire? I had 1 of each on two teams last year and they surprised me with good performances when healthy... I like that I have a lot of young talent, but I'm really overloaded at the gaurd position.. Anybody worth dropping? Or just try to make some trades?
    There are some semi-decent bigmen FA's but nobody spectacular:
    Darrell Arthur, Josh McRoberts, Carl Landry,Spencer Hawes, Jason Thompson, Reggie Evans, Ekpe Udoh, are some big men FA's.
    Sorry for such a long post, wanted to put in as much info as possible, thanks to any and all that answer!

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    • I guess you are 12 teams. The bad news is at least partly the good news, too. You are overloaded at PG, but you have great quality at the G spots to trade. It's a little hard to get managers to budge on big men, but you can get it done with some persistence. I agree that you need some youth in the front court if you can get it...at least one young or relatively young player. Then you can go after a guy who will help you this year like Marc Gasol or a little older guy like Tim Duncan or Elton Brand. I love Monta Ellis, but I think he should be at the top of your players to trade. He helps in such a big way in his best cats, but you can start by offering Ellis to a C rich team. For a young one, you may have to be thinking of a 2 for 2 trade. Ellis and one of your medium ranked players for Hibbert and a REALLY solid SF/PF or PF like David West. They're probably not on the same team, but that is the kind of thing that would work well for you. Definitely hold onto Williams, Gasol, Conley, and Jamison if you can. You could also try to package Carmelo Anthony with a guard like Ginobili for a top big on an overstocked team. Maybe you can even get in on Brook Lopez somehow. That would be unlikely but the perfect scenario. Back to Carmelo, you have points with Ellis, and, if you have to trade melo, SF is the easiest position to cover with a pick up or trade. You can move another guard down your list someplace and see if you can get one of the underrated really veteran SFs for this year. Jamison qualifies as that, and he will be good for you with his boards, but also Richard Jefferson and Rashard Lewis will be good...also, Vince Carter...Just wouldn't trade both Ellis and melo...

    • Ignore the guy who said to drop Delfino;He should be a starter.Because even though his total stats aren't hugely impressive,he missed over a month to injury last season.He could have a big breakout year.Look at his stats per game more so than the total for the year.
      I really don't like Hill,or Camby..And,I think you should include them in a package trade,for someone like Roy Hibert (A lower tier center with alot of upside.) then pick up another big man like Greg Oden..Odens' knees WILL benifit from a shotened season,and if he can stay healthy he will out produce Camby.
      Another center I think will rebound big time is Biedrins..If you can't get a trade I'd dump Camby & Hill for Oden & Biedrins.

    • Drop Delfino and grab Jason Thompson ASAP!! I would say Camby is good for another year and If Greg Monroe is available get him and i also suggest Swapping Austin Daye for Jonas Jerebko.. I know the pistons and Jerebko had to sit all of last year due to injury but he is a young stud and will start over Daye in the D


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