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  • Andy Andy Mar 15, 2011 8:12 PM Flag

    Foye or......

    Wow, that is a Strong team. A little too strong if you ask me, for a 12 team 16 player league?? Collusion? Hmm......Anyway

    Dwade kills it, no doubt about that. Hes got westbrook whos been a freaking stud so.....that can be a wash although I think you have the slight upperhand cuz Dwade can score 40 where as Westbrook cant. And Wade can block like 5 shots in like 1 minute..literally.....eithery way youre good there. Both potential triple double PGs.

    He's got JR right now, and youve got Afflalo...JR's playing better than him recently so Im worried about that. Denver is DEEP on the 2's and 3's luckily Danilo is out right now, so more time will be distributed.

    Like I said Delfino is such a rollercoaster but youre league is deep so just pray that he keeps it consistent. (He's having a great 1st quarter right now so...fingers crossed) You have budinger who only has two games next week which can be scary, hope he shoots well otherwise Rick Adelman will give the minutes to Lee, but hes been otherwise pretty solid.

    Also, pray that E gordon is gonna be healthy. Otherwise I would drop him and pick up anyone available.....because we saw what happened last time he came back, had a huge game and then *bam* injures himself again.

    Hes got you on the guards as a whole if Jennings stays healthy and Felton sees more minutes which is still up to Karl b/c Lawson has been lovely so, we'll see....but as a whole, looks like you might lose out on assists....plus hes got Conley AND Jameer so bank on them getting more assists, which may equate to more turnovers....

    Solid Frontline with D Howard, Gasol and Okafor Kevin Love....thats blocks and rebounds and points and FG% right there. You have more options to play around with though. I know Shawne Williams is having foul trouble right now but see how he plays....otherwise scoop up Favors. But Williams can help your front court. Youve got Blake, Aldridge, Blair, Hickson, a very formidable counterbalance to his frontline, but like I said, you have more variety as far as bigs goes......you can play with Bass and Samuels to mix it up, see whos playing well.....

    I like your wing situation much more, even though he has Fields, you have much more depth (only if VC and Delfino stays consistent cuz Ive been burned by them before so.....)

    Id say his weakness is in his wing positions, hes got Tony Allen, who scores and steals but is VERY inconsitent.....combine that with Battier whos going to see more minutes if he keeps that up, so youve got that going...Bellini is sstraight up 3's.....thats all he does, AND hes inconsistent at that....he only kept it gping well when Paul was out, but youve got that going. He does have Deng but in all I would say you should have the wings covered.....CJ miles is doing very well so Hopefully thatll put you ahead in steals and 3's...

    I love that you have Marcus Thornton bc Sac's got an awesome schedule....too bad you dont have dalambert or Cousins.....anyways, if Tyreke comes back, you may see a drop from him but hes still gonna get you a solid statline.

    Hes got Derozan, which can be good or bad to you. If he plays well....youre screwed cause Derozan pretty much fills up all cats...BUT Barbosa has been playing super since hes been back so hopefully the minutes will swing his way and Derzan wont hurt you as much.

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    • Thanks for advice. it really helps.

    • All in all, I think he's got the upperhand, but not by a huge huge margin.....if you rotate right you just may win 5-4......but im just keeping it honest. Hope that his teams not gonna shoot well. And if you were at all close in turnovers and are really just shot in other categories, Id start benching in order to advance. If I am ahead in FG/FT% etc etc......because it looks like he might outscore, block and rebound you...less D howard gets into foul trouble blocks is going his way for sure.

      Teague isnt having a great first half.....looks like he just got lucky last night. Cant say for sure. Id rather have Meeks than Teague if I were you. I like Delfinos play tonight so far.

      Are there ANY other FA's out there for you????

      Hope I helped......just trying to be honest bro.....LIST ALL FA's


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