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  • _Jcg _Jcg Mar 11, 2011 2:31 PM Flag

    Stuckey situation

    I'm going to wait another game to see if he at least gets playing time off the bench. Stuckey was finally playing up to his potential and now gets benched, retarded. I also have Matthews who I'm thinking of dropping. Any help on a FA pick up would be appreciated

    Tyler Hanbrough
    Ramon Sessions
    Tracy McGrady
    Anothony Morrow
    Shane Battier
    Carlos Delfino
    Chuck Hayes

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    • sessions will be beastly for another week while b diddy is out... and he's probably has the closest skill set to replace stuckey if need be... but keep in mind b diddy will come back so this is only a temporary solution to help you win the first week of the playoffs (if your playoffs start next week)

      and if you wanna drop matthews i agree with the rest of these dudes here in morrow and then delfino... new jersey plays 4 games every week for the next 3 weeks and not sure about the last week (my playoffs don't go that far so i didn't check) so the extra games will help you muscle it through.

      monitor the stuckey situation, kuster is being a dumbass and i really don't know how he can sit the future of the team who was playing very well for tracy "mr. glass" mcgrady the only way i can justify it is that they are showcasing him for an off season trade at the cost of angry piston fans (if there any left after kuster's reign)

    • U looking for a long term FA pick?

    • .... i dropped stucky for tyler as soon as he blew up & i heard josh mc bobo got hurt same game.... stuckey had been a beast past 5 games, but I DONT TRUST JOHN K. (pistons coach) AT ALL... he is dumb & will bench stucky right when everyone needs him to play big mins... so stay away form pistons guards.... go for tyler H. or morrow if u need 3s...

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      • Kuester is ____________________ (fill in any number of derogatory adjectives here PLEASE)

        Pick up Hansborough. Great playoff schedule and all the aforementioned goodies from previous posters....

        Morrow might be good.....Delfino is a huge gamble. He can make or break your SF spot.....are there ANY other FA's??? like seriously thats all thats out there???

    • GET TYLER H. , dude has been a beast lately, and will get all the PF mins now that josh mcbob is hurt... he got hurt same game ty h. started over him, so beautiful... gets promoted to starter, and back-up gets hurt... fantasy heaven... pick him up... good playoff schedule too.... morrow is good, but very streaky bc hes a 3s primarily, and deron has been out, so he will take away form his pts, but also set him up some... he will be ok, but tyler will be pretty damn good im feeling....

    • Morrow has been on a 3pt rampage the last 3 games he's played, 11/19 and his 92% FT is nice as well but only averages 2 per game . He played 41 minutes last game due to Deron being away but he returns tomorrow and im pretty sure he will get 35+ minutes today.

      For me, Morrow is the best fit

    • Delfino looks like your only hope.........

    • Pick up Morrow if your going to FA list

    • this room is dead rite now


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