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  • Michael G Michael G Mar 5, 2011 11:43 AM Flag

    Is it finally Ty Thomas' time?

    Apparently he could be coming back as early as WEdnesday.

    I picked up Camby to help with boards and blocks, but hasn't produced any blocking, now he's apparently out of the starting five.

    Should I take a chance on Ty Tom?

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    • I am definitely picking Thomas up...I'm just not sure if I should get rid of Glen Davis or George Hill?

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      • I had Tyrus all season until his injury sidelined him. Nice defensive stats, percentages (FT% is especially high compared to other guys blocking 1.5+). Occasionally he'd go off for 20+ points. He had just started to get some real playing time with Silas in charge, but then he went down...it's hard to say what his role will be when he gets back. I would imagine he'll get good minutes, with Wallace gone and MJ wanting to develop the younger guys. He's definitely worth the gamble, as he's got a lot of upside. I wish I could pick him up, but the one thing I don't need at this point is another FC.

    • damn thats hard one. camby just came back from injury so he is limited but may provide value later. thomas is in a good situation with g wall out jackson hurt and underperforming kwame but never played to his potential. never consistent. hard decision ahah i wouldnt know what to do sry if this didnt help. answer my post "gay?!?!"

    • I'm kind of in the same boat. My team is strong, and I basically use my last roster spot as an insurance policy to my stronger players. I recently dropped chase budinger for tyrus, just because chase has a 2 week schedule during one of the fantasy playoff weeks. I don't know much about tyrus's game, but I have to imagine that charlotte should be a fantasy friendly playoff environment for anybody with decent talent on that team. If anybody is more familiar with tyrus's game or potential, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this him.

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      • hes plying for a fantasy friendly coach which can help his potential. g wall is gone now, jackson hurt, and the bigs arent really performing.the best scenerio he can be in right now. i mean 1 stl close to 2 blks with 7 or 8 reb good fg and reall good ft for a big are hard to find on the fa. i think everything depends on his health. worth a gamble yes, but there is a chance he may dissappoint again with his inconsistency but stls and blks are all hustle which he does get.


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