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    Mo Williams or W.Matthews

    that is all

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    • Assuming that each player will stay 100% healthy and get their regular share of minutes, then Mo is the better choice.
      But when you look into some of the factors, it becomes a harder decision than some people make it sound like with their 2 word answers.
      Matthews is on a team that is still fighting for a playoff spot, but at the same time tring to figure out their new identity with a hurt but playing B-Roy, Camby coming off the bench now, Gerald Wallace being a new addition, etc etc. This leaves a lot of questions on Matthews role on the team, as well as his future production.
      In LA basically the only concern is Mo's health.
      Personally I'd take the risk on Mo.

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      • Yeah, I agree...this is not as easy as the other replies make it out to be. The "if" question about the health of Mo is not a small factor-it's a huge one. He has shown a huge history of being injury prone as well as being mentally fragile and unstable this year. Matthews is in a fantasy unfriendly environment in portland-but he is capable of big games, and is an overall above average fantasy play. Mo can be an elite player from time to time-but he also has the risk of missing games out of nowhere for the slightest of reasons--he has very high reward, but with potentially high risk. If you are at a point where the potential of explosive production might drive you through the playoffs into a championship-go with Mo. However, if your team is already ballin, and you mainly need to maintain decent production without much risk-I think you go with Matthews. I think you let your situation dictate who you go with here as opposed to just going with the more popular pick.

    • If healthy,MoWill for sure.He can easily have an avg of 15p,7ast,3treys,2 stl and great FT% shooter.

      Please answer my topic about Shard and Lewis.

    • Williams easily. Gets the stats that matthews does, plus assists.

    • no way williams will get you assists as well


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